13 Things to do in Marbella

Marbella is only 57 kilometers west of Malaga. The most famous city on the Costa del Sol for its purchasing power, with 28 kilometers of coastline. But what can we do in Marbella? Here are 13 things to do in Marbella.

Visiting and getting lost in the Old Town.

If we want to see the origins of the city, there is nothing better than immersing ourselves in the old town to see what the fishing village used to be like. We can lose ourselves among its narrow, whitewashed, winding streets while we observe the balconies decorated with bougainvillea and geraniums. It is also the ideal place to get away from the haute cuisine restaurants and the big-name shops.

Calle del Antiguo pueblo de Pescadores de Marbella

Finding Hidden Places.

Strolling through the historic centre of the city we can find beautiful squares such as the Plaza de los Naranjos. Here we can find the Town Hall and have a good breakfast (we recommend the typical Marbella churros) in the shade of the orange trees

As we continue our stroll we may suddenly come across hidden monuments such as the Iglesia de la Encarnación. We never know what a city can surprise us with!

Plaza de los Naranjos de Marbella

Alcazaba and Castle Walls.

If you are in awe of Muslim civilization, this is a must-see. These are the castle walls built in the 11th and 12th centuries declared an Asset of Cultural Interest due to their marvelous state of conservation. Without a doubt, we will get some of the best photos of our trip.

Muralla de Marbella

Walking, Running, or Cycling along the Paseo Marítimo.

Marbella has more than 15 kilometers of the promenade where you can walk, run or cycle. Here you can enjoy nature without having to go to the mountains, listen to the waves, see the beautiful scenery and smell the sea breeze. It is the best place to relax while taking a short walk.

Paseo Marítimo de Marbella

Stroll along the Avenida del Mar.

This is an emblematic place between the promenade and the seafront. If you want to enjoy art, this pedestrian avenue is another obligatory stop. Here you can enjoy an open-air museum and see 10 sculptures by Salvador Dalí up close. We can also find many artists exhibiting their works in the open air eventually.

Estatuas de Dalí en Marbella

Visiting Puerto Banús.

If we go to Marbella we have to stop at the marina of the city, Puerto Banús. It is the most glamorous port in Spain, and well known all over Europe. Here we will find numerous yachts, the most luxurious sports cars, or we can also find some celebrities. An ideal place to stroll around, browse, have a drink in one of the bars and see the shops such as Ralph Lauren. You won’t be able to leave this place without having your picture taken!

Yates en Puerto Banús

Enjoying the contrast between the mountains and the sea from El Juanar.

El Juanar is a place close to the village of Ojén, where we can go hiking, observe nature, and from the top, we can see the whole coast

Cima de El Juncar en Marbella

If you are in the mood for hiking, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the Caminito del Rey with us, an experience you won’t want to miss!

Get to know the Rich Biodiversity through Urban Trails.

In the heart of the town center, there is a 5-kilometer route with abundant and diverse flora and fauna, full of informative signs and self-guides. This route is made up of: the Avenida del Mar, the Parque de la Constitución, the Playa de La Fontanilla, or the Arroyo Guadalpín among others.

Playa La Fontanilla de Marbella

Strolling around San Pedro de Alcántara.

This is a district in the city where you can enjoy many activities. Here you will have the opportunity to play golf, go shopping, visit its amazing beaches, take a relaxing walk along the promenade, or go for tapas. We can also find the archaeological remains of a Visigothic church from the 4th and 6th centuries, before the Muslim conquest. Finally, another place to visit is the Roman Baths Las Bóvedas.

Plaza de San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella

See an Elephant on the Beach.

Marbella is the only place where you can see an elephant on the beach, but don’t be scared! It is a shower located at the entrance of the beach. This initiative has attracted many curious visitors who couldn’t resist taking a lovely photo.

Elefante en la Playa de Marbella

Enjoy a Moraga on the beach.

Enjoy the night in Marbella with this activity where you can taste the best meat and fish of the season. Besides, as it is a party activity between bites, you can swim on the beach!

Una Moraga en la Playa de Marbella

Celebrate the day of the Virgen del Carmen!

The greatest tradition that unites the Costa del Sol is the festivity of the Virgen del Carmen, celebrated in July. 

This festivity begins early in the morning with the praying of the Rosary of the Dawn. It continues with the procession of the virgin from the parish church of La Encarnación to the beach of El Cable. A mass is celebrated followed by a breakfast of churros with chocolate. The morning ends with popular games played by the sailors on the beach. 

In the afternoon, there is a maritime procession from the Fishing Port to Puerto Banús and back to the Virgen del Carmen Marina, continuing until the arrival at the Encarnación parish church. This is a spectacle you won’t want to miss!

This festival can also be found in Malaga, so we would like to propose to you our Free Tour, you won’t find a better one!

End the evening with a sunset.

You can enjoy a romantic sunset from the place you like the most on the Costa del Sol, from the shore, walking along the promenade, or from the terrace of a bar. Can you see anything more pleasant than watching a sunset?

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