A Free Tour to explore Cordoba like a local

1 October, 2018
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5 September, 2018
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14 December, 2018

To know a city, nothing better than browsing the history and curiosities of the hand of a local tour guide that knows every detail of every corner. A free walking tour offers the opportunity of the magical exchange that happens between the tour guide which shares the secrets of his city and the traveller who marvels to know -and appreciate- a new place.

Because of this cultural Exchange we decided to create free walking tours in Oway, we want to share with the travellers that arrive to town all the secrets of a millenary city from which we never stop learning.

Do you want to know the legacy of the Caliphate period in Cordoba? The city where Cristobal Colombus asked for the resources for his adventure? Find out all that and much more in our Free Walking Tour.

• First of all, what is a Free Tour? It is a free guided tour by the hand of a local tour guide and can be booked for groups.

Free Tour, a millenary walk through Cordoba

Our Free Tour takes you for a walk to the millenary Cordoba, through the cultures that make up the historic and cultural landscape that that today has been given the name of 'City of the three cultures'.

And it is not for less, the Jewish quarter, the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs and the Mosque Cathedral are the best example of this miscegenation. A miscegenation that you are going to know along the where we take you through the majestic old town of Cordoba, the biggest in the world, and declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO. This route is adorned by the legends and mysteries of Cordoba, the result of this cultural mix.

Know the route of Free Tours

• Where’s the meeting point?
The meeting point is in Tendillas Square, next to our famous blue umbrella.
• Where the tour goes? What can I see?
In the beginning, Plaza Tendillas, you will know all the festivities that take place, as well as the origin of this city and the role that each culture had to take it to what was the epicenter of the Caliphate in the West.

Roman Cordoba: After Tendillas Square, the route keeps going to the vestiges of the Roman Empire in Cordoba, through places like the Roman Temple, dedicated to the founder of ‘Corduba’, the great Claudio Marcelo.

Corredera Squeare

‘Are we in Madrid? Salamanca?’ are the comments that people ask us when they get to Corredera square. The only castilian spanish square in town, headquarters of the feared acts of faith of the Inquisition or even bullfighting square before the construction of the official bullfighting square ‘Los Califas’.

Potro Square

Almost without time to recover from the history about the Corredera square, we get to the odd Potro square, known not only by the artists, traders even miscreant, also known for hosting Cervantes himself. Have you read ‘El Quijote’? Maybe this square sounds familiar to you…


Here we will tell you some legends, like the one that places us in Cabezas street. Where do you think that name come from? And of course we’ll talk about our monumental building most important: The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. But, do you think we’ll tell you this history in a random place? Od course not, we’ll talk about it in the very same Patio de los Naranjos, while you can watch the bell tower, that it hides nothing more and nothing less than the wonderful minaret of the old Mosque.

Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

After the Medina we will show you the place where Colombus requested the resources for his adventure and the place from where the Catholic Monarchs managed their reconquest.

Barrio de la Judería

After the Christian experience, you’ll know Cordoba from the Jewish prism. We’ll take you to the Synagogue, one of the most important monuments of the city and we will tell you the mysteries of a neighborhood that will undoubtedly leave you indifferent.

A little bit of logistics

Our meeting point is at 10:30am in Tendillas Square
We offer the free tour in English and Spanish and you can reserve it in our official web site: www.owaytours.com. Or you can send us an email to reservas@owaytours.com.
For calls: +34 688 376 581
And the price? FREE. Yes, because sharing our cordoban secrets and making you enjoy it doesn’t have price.
Are you coming?



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