Advantages of Segway: a new way of doing tourism

In your travels, you’ve probably seen people riding a kind of platform with wheels… and being honest, you wanted to try it, did you not?

Segway is an electric transport that is driven by the movement of the body, and allows safe and balanced movement on different grounds, so it is not only used in the field of tourism, also in offices, industrial buildings … etc.

The nature of this transport makes it perfect for moving around cities and doing tourism in a different way, without getting tired of long walks. The best? Its safety and zero emissions, as it is an electric vehicle.

As you will see, Segway routes are positioned as an alternative more than interesting. For this reason, today in Oway Tours we tell you the advantages of a transport that is gaining more and more followers.

What exactly is Segway?

Segway Personal Transporter (Segway PT) is a lightweight gyroscopic electric transport vehicle with two wheels and computer-controlled self-balancing.

It is currently produced by Segway company, and as a curiosity it was the first self-balancing transport, where the engines and the computer at the base keep the vehicle in balance.

The motor is electric and silent, reaching 20 km/h. Therefore, thanks to the technology, segway have become a totally safe transport to enjoy the tourism in a different way.

How does a segway vehicle work?

Despite the apparent design of the transport, it offers unparalleled stability and safety.

To move with it, the user simply leans in the direction he wants to go (front, back, left or right).

To use it you don’t need great skills, since the use is very intuitive, as soon as you get on it you will understand how easy it is to use, and you will save you long walks.

Advantages of segway

Allows you to see more places in less time, without getting tired. So you can take more advantage of the excursions and visits.

You will know the places from a new – and higher – point of view. You won’t miss a thing.

Zero emissions

Since it is an electric vehicle, it does not generate emissions and is therefore environmentally friendly. For that reason, it can be used in both urban and rural environments, with a range of up to 40 km without recharging.

Different modes of use

The use of transport is adapted to the level of experience of the user. Thus, in beginner mode the speed is 10 km/h with a slower turning speed. In regular mode, the maximum speed is 20km/h and the turning speed is therefore faster.

So, when it comes to use, its features are adapted to your experience, in order to make its use as intuitive as possible.


Its electrical system and design provide self-balancing stability. On the other hand, its mechanical systems are complementary in the event of unlikely failure.

When driving a Segway, you will feel an unparalleled fluidity in movement, since the machine seems to anticipate your movements.

Once you try it, you’ll want to repeat. At Oway Tours we have had the opportunity to try it and we confess to be addicted! For our long trips around Cordoba, this is the perfect complement.

As you will see, the way of doing tourism evolves thanks to the use of technology. It is possible to visit new places without getting tired thanks to segway, the best? This is a new and fun option to enjoy in group.

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