Andalusia Bike Race 2018

19 June, 2018
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13 June, 2018
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29 June, 2018

Andalusía Bike Race 2018

Every year, Andalusia celebrates this famous race called Andalucía Bike Race. It is a race that counts with different modalities and a long route for the most expert cyclists. It is a good opportunity not only to participate but also to enjoy as a spectator how this race is celebrated within Andalusia’s wonderful nature.

The race is divided into six stages. The first stage takes place in the mining district of Linares, which has fast, easy, and fun trails that allow bikers to catch the perfect rhythm for the next stage, which you can not miss.

The second stage starts in Linares and continues to Baños de la Encina, bordering the Rumblar reservoir. This is a surrounding stage where some of the trails of the mining district of Linares are rode once again.

The third stage is Andújar’s. This stage serves as a transition point between the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba, where bikers will climb up to the Virgen de la Cabeza up La Centenera and down Los Caracolillos.

The fourth stage is called the BUFF stage. This stage has been modified this year due to bad weather and torrential rains. It ascends through el Reventón, going through Trassierra and Las Jaras, and ends in the paths of Santo Domingo in Córdoba. The fifth stage of this magnificent race passes through Villaviciosa de Córdoba on a route of 53 kilometers rough. Villaviciosa de Córdoba is characterized by its dreamy landscapes and the beautiful river bank that this place offers us.

Finally, in this race, we have a sixth stage where the slope of the Reventón de Córdoba will be crossed again, descending through Los Morales and Conejeras, finishing the race in Santo Domingo, crossing unexplored paths in the previous stages.

This race is so successful that they offer up to eight hundred seats for people who want to participate. Registration fees will vary depending on the dates in which they are paid: the sooner you register the cheaper registration fees will be. They will have an initial price of 200 euros and finally cost around 400.

Moreover, in this race, there are up to six different categories: The first one is the "Male Elite” category, where men under 30 participate. Also, of course, we have the "Master 302 category, for men who are around this age. Also, we can also find both the category "Master 40" and "Master 50".

As for the female categories, there are only two: The "Female Elite" category, for women over 19 years, and, finally, the "Female Master" category, for women who are 30 or more years old by the time of the competition.

The Andalucía Bike Race is a great opportunity to improve yourself, live new experiences under the wonderful Andalusian sun and landscape, discover new trails and enjoy nature in all its shapes and colors. An unparalleled career that increasingly attracts more people and that is worth witnessing at least once in a lifetime.

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