April Fair in Seville: Everything you need to know

23 May, 2019
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Costumes with polka dots, lights, music... and action at the April Fair. As every year, April kicks off one of the main events of, we dare to say, the city with the most light in Spain.

To talk about Seville is to talk about its April Fair, where all aspects of the soul of the city are represented: passion, joy and colour through flamenco costumes, elegant horses, improvised music and bullfighting. Without forgetting the tortilla and the rebujitos to brighten the day up.

Seville has a special colour... especially at the Fair.

Feria de las vanidades, feria de los colores y sabores. Mantilla, peineta y gracia. Un duende de oro y grana merodea por Sevilla en Feria. (Poem to the Fair by the author Vitaliano de la Cruz)

The attractions and essence of the fair

Practically everything at the Fair revolves around two attractions: the booths and the fairgrounds.

Booths: Booths usually belong to private associations, so access is restricted if the invitation is not available. If you don't know anyone, there are public booths with free access.

The fairgrounds in the street of Hell: Sugar cottons, merry-go-rounds or the purest Sevillian-style crash cars are located in one of the busiest streets during the Fair.

Main activities

- “Noche del Alumbrado y el pescaíto” The day of the lighting and the official beginning, it is already a tradition to serve this delicacy in the booths. - Stroll of cars and horses for the real, either to see or to be seen, is an unforgettable experience. - Fireworks show to bid farewell to the fair

Eating and drinking, a feast for the palate

Each stand offers the typical dishes of Seville: from tortilla, fried fish, seafood ... without forgetting ham of the highest quality. All of this washed down with a good wine or a rebujito: manzanilla with Seven-Up.

And of course: bulls

During these days, the main figures of bullfighting meet in the temple of bullfighting in the Plaza de Toros in Seville.

Final recommendations

- At the entrance door you will find a tourist information centre to plan your trip. - The enclosure is very safe, but we recommend you to be careful with pickpockets. - The best days to visit the fair are during the week, when the locals come - If you have the opportunity, we recommend you to visit the fair in a horse-drawn carriage...not suitable for all pockets, but a worthwhile experience. - Leave the shame behind and give free rein to your more folkloric side by dressing in typical costumes.

The typical plan is to get up late, eat at the Fair and digest in a bullfight. Afterwards, they return for dinner, drink and dance until the early morning, with some good churros or buñuelos as a colophon.

Practical information

The fair is located in the Barrio de los Remedios, near Triana, and occupies a large area. You can walk from the center.

It is said that all roads lead to Rome or, better said, to the April Fair. An experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the essence of Seville.

What are you waiting for to explore the April Fair?



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