Carnivals of Cordoba: everything you want to know

Carnivals are not only a Spanish party, we can find different types of carnivals in Germany, Italy, etc. However, each place has a magical custom, according to its culture. Spain is extremely fortunate, since even within its very different autonomous communities we find cultural differences and therefore different ways of living and celebrating the carnival.

In particular, we are going to focus on the wonderful carnival that is lived in the south of Spain, Andalusia, where even in this pagan festivities you can enjoy the art in the first person and the sarcasm with which the Andalusian people claim the present time in its peculiar carnival.

¿How are the Carnivals of Cordoba?

In Andalusia the most famous carnival is the one in Cadiz, but we will focus on the one in Cordoba, a carnival suitable for all audiences, where everyone can enjoy and have a great time in the different areas offered by this wonderful Cordovan carnival.

At the beginning of the festivity, the ‘Sultan’ and ‘Sultana’ of that year’s carnival are chosen in Cordoba, followed by the preamble of the carnivals par excellence in Cordoba: ‘Salmorejo y coplas’. This is celebrated just one day after deciding who will be the ‘Sultan’ and ‘Sultana’ of the carnivals.

In “salmorejo y coplas” the “salmorejá de marcha atrás” is celebrated in La Fuensanta, in the Francisco Pizarro square. In this original event it will be possible to taste one of the most representative dishes of Cordoba to the rhythm of the coplas before the carnival. A curious event that you can only enjoy in Cordoba and that will be a party for people who want to have a good time between good food and good music.

The beginning of the Carnival

Once the carnival has begun, the preliminaries start in the contest of chirigotas, comparsas and cuartetos, where not only people from Córdoba participate, but also people from the towns of the province, and even people from other Andalusian cities. This wonderful show takes place in the Teatro Góngora, a theatre worth visiting, not only for its wonderful shows, but also for its history as a building and its magnificent architecture. In short, a variety and spectacle not only of music and art, but also visual for the magic that transmits the same place where it happens.

Once the show of chirigotas, comparsas and cuartetos is over, the carnival begins in the streets of Córdoba, more specifically in the beautiful Plaza de las Tendillas, from where the proclamation of the carnival is made. In this event, the winning groups of this contest perform again, filling this time not the theatre, but the street with their songs and their revendications with each letter that comes out of their mouths.

Apart from all this variety of events, in the following days of the carnival are held other great varieties of shows and events, among which we can find events only for children or seniors, being this party Cordoba suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy regardless of age. No better way to know Cordoba and live this unusual carnival, whether gastronomic, musical, artistic or even in the street, where people celebrate, enjoy and laugh while watching the carnival parade that goes out every year in the beautiful city of Cordoba.

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