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18 June, 2019
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Córdoba is presented as a feast for all the senses because, in the city of the three cultures the palate, the ear and the sight are delighted with everything the city has to offer.

Just as it could not be less, activities such as eating or sleeping become an experience in this millenary city. So, if you're looking for a place to sleep in Cordoba for an unforgettable vacation, today at Oway we will tell you about some of our favorite hotels... will you join us?

Where to sleep in Cordoba

Nowadays, thanks to Internet it is possible to find a great number of options to sleep on holidays. It is possible to choose between more or less economic alternatives, in the historical center or in contact with nature in the incomparable rural environment.

However, in today's article we will focus on hotels located in the historical center of Cordoba, a thousand-year-old enclave that forms part of the World Heritage of UNESCO and is the largest historical center in Europe.

Some are located in old palaces, others have spas in the purest Caliphate style. What is certain is that they never cease to amaze. Based on this, in Oway we want to show you three charming hotels to complement and add the perfect cherry to your holidays in Cordoba.

Hotel Balcón de Córdoba

Because holidays are for sparing no expenses, and in the case of this hotel, you will fall in love with the rooftop with panoramic views of the city.

Located a few meters from the legendary mosque, the Balcón de Córdoba is a beautiful example of local architecture. The aroma of orange blossom, the three typical interior courtyards and the Roman remains make this hotel the perfect place for a charming stay in Cordoba. With all the luxuries and comforts, in this hotel you will enjoy the beautiful Cordovan life.

Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailío

Located a short distance from the Cordovan triad: The Mosque, the Alcazar and the Jewish Quarter, this hotel is a presentation of what caliphal life would be like in modern life. It has an exclusive spa with arabesque and Roman vestiges that will transport you to the relax of the Caliphate period. It also has gardens and inner courtyards in the purest Andalusian style.

And if you get hungry, there's nothing better than trying its culinary offer in the gourmet restaurant.

Soho Boutique Capuchinos

In a relaxing atmosphere, where the white color dominates the walls -and the sensations- you will spend an unforgettable holiday. Just a few meters from the historical Plaza de los Capuchinos and the Cristo de los Faroles (the Christ of the lanterns), this hotel is the perfect oasis to let yourself be carried away by its relaxing rhythm.

It has a spa from which you will only want to leave to discover the history of Cordoba. A perfect hotel if you want to let yourself be spoiled.

Antiguo Convento

If there is one thing about the capital of history and flamenco, it is the possibility of living your daily life within walls that form part of the historical heritage. Thus, this hotel was part of the convent of Santa Clara.

Do you want to breathe the air of a Cordovan Patio? And feel the spiritual atmosphere of what was one of the most important convents of its time? Then this convent is for you.

As you will see, in Cordoba you can find charming hotels to discover first-hand a piece of its history, which will now be part of yours. Will you dare to discover Cordoba?



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