Cordoba: Let yourself be amazed by the charming corners of the city

8 May, 2019
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Cordoba is not only the city of the three cultures, but also a place full of charming corners. These corners are shaped by the soul and history of a city that surprises at every step of the way. Small chapels and fountains waiting to be discovered in every corner. Flower-lined courtyards and the rumour of their fountains. Footprints of the caliphal splendour. Grilles hiding the Jewish wisdom of a long gone time... these are just some of the surprises you may find during your visit to Cordoba.

In Oway we are passionate about Córdoba, and thanks to our tours we have the opportunity to discover unexpected corners for you every day. Do you want to know the most charming corners of the millenary city par excellence? Today we show you our favourite places in Cordoba...are you coming?

Cordoba and its dreamy corners

Can you imagine walking down a street in the old Jewish quarter while listening to flamenco chords, then ending up in a street where the flowers take all over the place? That's Cordoba, a city to get lost, to meet with and to come back. There is always something new to discover here.

Historical squares where locals make their livings

Visiting Cordoba means meeting history face to face. Thus, you can come across the Corredera square, a place that has been a bullring and an enclave of the famous auto-da-fés of the Spanish Inquisition, frightening, isn't it? Today, surrounded by fountains, sculptures and palm trees, it is a place where locals come to relax and enjoy the sun. This square is just one of the countless examples you will find in Cordoba.


What would Cordoba be without its courtyards? Local pride, in addition to historical, are inhabited by locals. In the Viana Palace you will discover 12 formidable patios. And you can even ask the locals if you can come and visit their courtyards... for sure they will be happy to show you around.


The narrowest alley in Spain - the one with the 50 cm wide - and some other which hide legends. Some Cordovan alleyways even have their own festival.

Walls, Towers and Gates

The historical vestiges are part of the walk. You will find ancient fortresses such as the impressive Calahorra Tower or the old Roman Bridge. But they are not the only ones.

Muslim spirit

One of the main attractions of Cordoba is the Muslim atmosphere in every corner. Not only for its jewel, the Mosque-Cathedral, but also for the Muslim architectural details that fill up the city.

Jewish charm

The Jewish mystery is part of the essence of Cordoba, not only because of its synagogue, but also because of the legends that left their path through the city and made the city as we know it today.

Christian Faith

Small chapels and images unfolded throughout the city. The Cristo de los Faroles square with its convent is an example of what was, is and will be the Christian faith in Córdoba.

Grilles and Flowers

The racket of the city is in contrast with corners of silence and meditation. Perhaps you will come across a lattice corner hiding a fountain surrounded by the scent and the outburst of the colours of geraniums or roses.

Andalusian taverns and traditional bars

A convent that today is a restaurant? Small taverns that preserve the echoes of an old spanish guitar? This is Cordoba, where the small traditional Andalusian bars survive the stressful modern life, of course, to the Andalusian rhythm and a good flamenco that could be played spontaneously.

Definitively, the city of the three cultures is a feast for the eyes, the palate and... the soul. It is said that Cordoba never ceases to be visited. Because you always come back.

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