Cordoba Organized visit

27 February, 2018
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26 February, 2018
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1 March, 2018

Cordoba Organized visit

Cordoba city has a large tangible and intangible heritage, which is worthy to find out. The best way to get know a place is hiring a guided visit with local people who really know the city as well as they are responsible for the organization of groups, tickets for several tours, and everything you need, that is possible .

There are many advantages when you hire a tour, such as comfort, carefree, reliable information and reaching the most hidden corners in the city. Here you are some of the reasons to choose OWAY Tours. All the guides are born and grown up in the province of Cordoba, they love their city and they all got a degree in Tourism. Furthermore, they are specialized in different areas so you will realize how they turn over all the passion in showing the city.

The main task in the tour is walking through streets of Córdoba and showing the main monuments, the most charming squares and the most representative key figures. Among all that places you can find Corredera Square, Foul Square, Mosque, Alcazar of the Christian Kings, the Jewish Quarter, and personalities like Maimonides and Seneca.

All these places, and some others more, are visited every day in our tour, starting at Tendillas Square and ending at Almodovar’s gate. This monumental tour is done in several languages, Spanish, English and French. In addition, there is not a set price but the customer is free to set the price at the end of the tour according to its quality.

Moreover, we also have other alternative routes as Flamenco and Passion, Legendary Quarters, Rooftops, Patios and organized visits to Medina Azahara are also performed.

Below, we will explain more information in detail on each of these routes.

Skyline over rooftops: the goal of this route is showing the city from another perspective, there are three different terraces points to enjoy the best views and taste some typical local dishes and wines of Cordoba.

Flamenco and Passion: you will enjoy an unique show in a very special environment because it is performed into a tenth century Arab bath where the proximity to the guitarist, singer and dancers has a clue role.

Legendary Quarters: walking through the most traditional ones in Cordoba where many important legends and historical facts occurred. Some protagonists in this route are the Christ of the Lanterns and Viana Palace.

Patios tour: this tour takes place in an historical area well known by two names such as Alcázar Viejo or San Basilio. Famous area for hosting the patios competition in Cordoba, which has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Finally, Medina Azahara tour: a city palace built over a thousand years ago by Abd Al Rahman III, the first Umayyad caliph of Al- Andalus. This is a stunning city on the outskirts of Cordoba mountains where we have a large archaeological site with a great history behind it.

The first three tours start in the evening so that streets begin to be illuminated, having a charming atmosphere in Cordoba city.
The last two tours can be done both during the morning and afternoon.
During the summer season, Medina Azahara can be only be visited in the morning because of the weather, and Patios tour is put off until September as they are closed during July and August.

Another option that OWAY Tours offers is hiring a private tour according to customer inquiries, choosing time and meeting point, monuments to visit and time to end.

To make the best choice is worthy to check the information from internet forums like Trip Advisor travelers and references on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. All this can help us to get a general idea about the company, costumers’ experiences and user reviews.

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