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Cordoba Tourism News Blog

4 June, 2019

The Botanic Garden of Cordoba | Natural culture and the cult of the floral life

29 May, 2019

Summer Cinemas in Cordoba

13 May, 2019

Sacred art in Cordoba

7 May, 2019
rincones de cordoba min

Cordoba: Let yourself be amazed by the charming corners of the city

2 May, 2019

What to buy in Cordoba – Spain | Best souvenirs

15 April, 2019

Living Museum of Al-Andalus in Cordoba

14 April, 2019

What Andalusia is known for

31 March, 2019

What to see in Cordoba – Spain in one day

28 March, 2019
Teatro de Cordoba

The Great Theatre of Cordoba

18 March, 2019

Cordoba and it’s amazing film stages

12 March, 2019

Cordoba 2019 | Calendar of festivities to celebrate life to the Cordovan rhythm

7 March, 2019
Historia Medina Azaha

The 7 curiosities you didn’t know about Medina Azahara

5 March, 2019
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5 Traditions not to be missed in Cordoba

28 February, 2019

Royal Stables: The Cathedral of the Horses

28 February, 2019

When to visit Andalusia I Cultural guide for all the year

20 February, 2019

Gardens, Towers and Royal Baths: The parts of the Alcazar

18 February, 2019

The bullring of Cordoba ‘The Caliphs’ and olé!

14 February, 2019

Summer – autumn in Cordoba

14 February, 2019

10 reasons to visit Andalusia in your trip over Spain

12 February, 2019

The fascinating history of the Alcazar of the Christian Kings

10 February, 2019

The 12 courtyards of the Viana Palace