Coronavirus in Malaga: Virtual Tour Carmen Thyssen

Malaga is the second most populated city in Andalusia. It is located in the south of Spain, Andalusia, which was founded by the Phoenicians in the 7th century BC, and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It has seen Roman and Muslim pass by, until it was reconquered and annexed to the Crown of Castile. 

 The people of Malaga are very proud of their city. It is the so-called Sol del Mediterráneo (Sun of the Mediterranean) And it deserves no less. Rare will be the day when you to visit this city and find some clouds. Its beaches bathed by the Mediterranean Sea are some of the most visited in the world. 

Its good climate, atmosphere and quality of life are more than obvious reasons to choose a second home here. That is why many retired people from Northern Europe come down to this city to enjoy their old age.  

Many of us have had to cancel many plans due to the Covid-19 crisis. Among them, cultural visits to museums. But we want to show you that this is no reason to miss out!

Malaga has some of the most beautiful museums in the whole of Spain that have been able to set up their visits online. Don’t let the coronavirus cancel yours plans and get informed about the things you can carry out.

Carmen Thyssen Museum

The Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga has been forced to close due to the state of alarm to avoid queues and crowds. Therefore, it has been able to adapt its visits, but now virtually

Created in 2011, it is one of the museums that has the most important collections of Andalusian and Spanish art. Through this visit, you will be able to know  more than 250 paintings of the collection of Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza, divided in 4 collections:

  • Ancient Masters: with works by the painters Francisco de Zurbarán and Jerónimo Ezquerra among others. 
  • Romantic landscape and costumbrismo: with works of Genaro Perez Villaamil, Rafael Benjumea among others. 
  • Preciéux style and natural painting: with works by Mariano Fortuny, José Benlliure, Carlos de Haes, Martín Rico among others.
  • Fin-de-siècle: with works by Joaquín Sorolla, Aureliano de Beruete, Julio Romero de Torres among others.

Coronavirus in Malaga: virtual tours Carmen Thyssen

Museum of Malaga  

This museum has to two museum institutions: the Museo de bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts) and the Museo arqueológico (Archaeological Museum). It is the largest museum in Andalusia and the fifth largest in Spain. Before, this building was the seat of the Palacio de Aduana. It was reopened, after 20 years, (since 1997) on December 12, 2016. 

In this virtual visit of the Museum of Malaga you will find a image of the building that corresponds with the real one and it is divided into 4 floors:

  • On the first floor is the Museum of Fine Arts with more than 2000 arts works. You will find works by Luis de Morales, Federico Madrazo Esquivel, or Picasso among others.
  • On the second floor is the Archaeological Museum with more than 15000 works. You can see pieces that range from the 8th century BC to the Middle Ages, including Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Arabic, Christian and Byzantine art.
  •  On the third and fourth floors there is a library for researchers and the headquarters of the Real Academia de Bellas Arte de San Telmo (San Telmo Royal Academy of Fine Arts). You can also go up to the viewpoint of the museum where you can enjoy the views of Malaga.

Coronavirus in Malaga: virtual tours Carmen Thyssen

Picasso Museum Malaga

The Picasso Museum in Malaga has also adapted all virtually. On their website you will be able to discover in just one “click” the plans that they offer. 

With the hastag #PICASSOENCASA (Picasso at home), this museum has divided in two categories the activities you can do at home:

  • Activities for adults: they want to continue informing the people because that is a this is a characteristic of the museum: offering artistic content of interest to all audiences. Choose between the exhibition Genealogies of Art, or the history of art as visual art, past exhibitions, conferences and seminars, concerts and shows, poetry recitals and music lists.
  • Activities for children: during these days we also offer notebooks and educational activities for children and young people. They want the children to participate from home and following their guidelines: to look, think and create. Enjoy Picasso notebooks at home, activities around the collection and MPM exhibitions.

Coronavirus in Malaga: virtual tours Carmen Thyssen

Pompidou Centre Malaga

The Pompidou Centre has created a media section to publish videos recalling past exhibitions such as those of the designer Philippe Starck, or the one dedicated to Dada and Surrealist cinema, etc. These are collections that date back to 2016 and 2017 for the most part, and it is the perfect plan to keep learning about the most modern art.

Coronavirus in Malaga: virtual tours Carmen Thyssen

Russian Museum in Malaga

The Russian Museum in Malaga is the largest. Thanks to this virtual adaptation and the new technologies it is much easier to access the education and information centres through a platform. 

You will be able to see the events in real time, share works, and witness the exhibitions to know the Russian art through electronic books. In addition, educational seminars continue to be held and new software developed by the Russian Museum is made known and common projects are developed.

Coronavirus in Malaga: virtual tours Carmen Thyssen

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