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24 July, 2019
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22 July, 2019
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29 July, 2019

A new way to travel and get to know the places thanks to the Free Tours

Travel to know, enjoy, marvel and ... do free guided tours.

That's right, nowadays it is possible to know a place and the curiosities about its corners, thanks to a walking-tour by the hand of a local guide who knows all the secrets of the city.

A city that has many perspectives to know, and Free Tour offers you the opportunity to know what does not appear in the guides. The best thing about it? The tour is passionately guided by a person who knows - and loves - the city like the palm of his hand.

As you can see, Free Tour is a new way to get to know the places when you travel.

The rules? They don't exist, just be at the pointed time in the right place...and enjoy; if at the end you think it was worth it you can choose to tip the guide. But it's all up to you.

In short, Free Tour is positioned as an option that updates the guided tours, to know the places as never before.

The collaborative economy is here to stay. And Free Tour is an example of this.

Do you want to know what a Free Tour is? And how does it work? Today at Oway we tell you everything you need to know... Don't miss it!

What is a Free Tour? Who is the guide?

Walking Tour, Urban Tours, Free Tour...with so much neologism about guided tours it's normal to get lost; but the concept of Free Tour is simple: it's a completely free guided tour.

Yes, it is a guided tour through the most emblematic corners and locations of each place, where the only ‘mandatory’ exchange is between the guide who tells the story and the visitor who marvels.

In this sense, the personality and vision of the guide is decisive, as he will bring the freshness of someone who knows and lives the city first-hand.

Thus, sometimes the guide can be a foreigner who has been residing in the place for years and knows it well; with the consequent curious perspective.

Or it could be a local with a related training who knows every corner well; he will show you how and where the locals enjoy or the places where there are still echoes of the history, as well as the most important architecture.

How does the guided tour go?

It is a guided walking tour in the city that usually lasts about two and a half hours. The tour takes place in the open air, and you do not enter the museums or places that require entrance, since it is free.

During the visit, the guide explains the history, architecture and most emblematic curiosities about the city, all with a touch of humor.

The best? All this, far from being told as a recorded audio-guide from a museum, is narrated with humor and passion by local guides; official guides and experts in their cities who will answer all your doubts.

The peak of the Free Tour

With these premises, and with the help of digital platforms, it is not surprising that the Free Tours have increased exponentially.

Thus, travelers have the opportunity to learn for free the secrets of the places, and if so, provide a tip.

Today more than ever, the user has the freedom to choose; and this has modified the world of guided tours as we knew it until now.

Will you dare to explore the world with Free Tour?



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