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6 July, 2018
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6 July, 2018

The Best Hotels in Córdoba

Córdoba receives every day a vast number of tourists because of its amazing monuments and history. This has resulted in a city with a big number of hotels belonging to different standings so that every single tourist can enjoy a wonderful city like Córdoba.

Regarding five-star hotels we are going to name two: Eurostars Palace and Hospes Palacio del Bailio. Both hotels with a high quality although with some differences between them. Eurostars Palace is characterized by an amazing iron façade. This hotel has a free car park, air conditioning, laundry service, bar, jacuzzi, smoke free zone and many other things.

Although pets are not allowed and breakfast is not included. It is a really spacious hotel with very good views. But Hospes Palacio del Bailio does not lag behind him and it offers outdoors swimming pool, laundry service, restaurant, jacuzzi and also spa. The main difference between them is that Hospes Palacio del Bailio offers transportation to the airport. Even so, it also offers non-smoking areas and a bar like the previous hotel.

About the four stars hotels, it stands out the NH Collection Amistad Córdoba Hotel, Cordoba Center Hotel and Conquistador Eurostars. The NH Collection Amistad Cordoba Hotel is a very well-located hotel that has restaurant and bar, and also laundry service.

However, it doesn’t have breakfast included and the car parking is paid. The Cordoba Center Hotel has Jacuzzi, room service and laundry service. Unlike the other hotels, in Cordoba Center Hotel you can hire the all-inclusive option, which can be a plus point to choose this hotel instead of any other. It also has a bar, even though its car park is paid. Lastly, we have the Eurostar Conquistador Hotel.

This hotel has air conditioner, laundry service, room service, restaurant and bar, although its car park is also paid, and it does not allow pets.

If we take a look in the three stars hotels, we can stand out three hotels: Secotel Selu Hotel, La Boutique Puerta Osario Hotel and Cordoba Centro Hotel. The first one can offer us laundry service, restaurant a bar. It’s a appealing hotel because of its location, since its 410 minutes from de Mosque-Cathedral and 10 minutes from the train station.

On the other hand, La Boutique Puerta Osario Hotel has free Wi-Fi, air conditioner, laundry and room service, non-smoking areas, etc. However, the car park is not free and pets are not allowed. Lastly the Cordoba Centro can provide us also free Wi-Fi, bar, restaurant, and laundry and room services. Although its car park is paid.

Finally, the one stars hotels. Between them the most famous one is Boston Hotel, because of the place it is situated, and La Fuente Hostel. The Boston Hotel is located in Tendillas Square, in the heart of Cordoba. At the Hotel Boston you can not only enjoy how close you are to the center, but also the hotel offers a continental breakfast in the mornings and a television in the rest area. In the other hand.

La Fuente Hostel provide us televisions and private bathrooms and some of the rooms, restaurant, bar and car park for free for the guests that bring their own vehicles.

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