Medina Azahara Cordoba

29 July, 2019
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Dear friends and followers of OWAY Tours, today we are excited about the visit we are going to make, where we will discover a millenary jewel: the ancient palatial city of the caliph Abd al-Rahman lll, immersing us in the 10th century, in the middle of the Cordovan mountains, in ‘Sierra Morena’. We are already curious to see that place, we hope you too. But...

how to get to Medina Azahara?

There are three options:

- Vehicle: You must take the A432 road towards Palma del Río, after about 4km, on the right side, we will find the detour to Medina Azahara.

- Bus: For those who do not have a car, there is a bus that takes you there, the first stop is at the roundabout of the Red Cross Hospital. Always check timetables before, and buy your ticket beforehand, if possible, at any tourist information point.

- Bicycle: for the most ecologists: There is a bicycle lane conditioned to get there.

The visit starts at the "Visitors Centre", which, by the way, won the prize for the best museum in Europe.

Inside, we will discover an auditorium, spaces for storage of archaeological remains, offices of historical-artistic research, a library for the most studious and a cafeteria to fill with battery a spectacular visit.

This center is about 800 meters from the archaeological site, so there will be a shuttle bus to take us there, since the entry of no vehicle is allowed.

Finally! Would you like to know this place? I imagine that the answer has been a resounding yes! With us we will turn an architectural place, nostalgic because of the passage of time, into a place that comes back to life and shows us the greatness, beauty and mystery that in a distant date arose here.

We start our entrance by the "north door" or main door, to the left a ramp will lead us to the public sector area, where we will see the military house.

You will recognize the entrance to the heart of the Alcazar (noble area of the city) by the great portico, composed by 14 arches that had the function to impress to everyone that approached, and we must admit that it was so.

Passing through this portico we will find places like: The rich hall or hall of Abd al-Rahman III, is the most valuable part of the archaeological set, where we will enjoy explaining of the materials that compose it and of the events, celebrations and ceremonies that place witnessed.

No less important will be to discover the Aljama mosque of Medina Azahara, the house of the pool (considered the residence of the heir prince Al-Hakam ll), the house of Jafar, or the royal house.

All this accompanied by gardens with water and vegetation that will give free rein to our imagination.

The visit to the interior of the site will last approximately 1 hour and a half, which you will enjoy as if it was a time machine, making this city so beautiful and rich in the past, still alive thanks to the explanations of the guides who relive its history and the daily visits of tourists who enjoy it.



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