Neighborhood of the Albaicin: Tour through the heart of Granada

From the most traditional part of Granada (Plaza de Isabel de la Católica square) to the cold interior of the caves of Sacromonte, you can walk through the main artery of the culture and history of Granada, where legend merges with history. Although, if something remains and is palpable, it is its flamenco essence.

Do you want to take a tour around the neighborhood that witnessed the birth of Las Zambras? Today in Oway we take you on a tour of one of our favorite places, not only in Granada, but also in Andalusia.

The birth of a legend

Declared a World Heritage Site in 1984, its origin as we know it today takes place during the Islamic period: it was a group of independent urban centers where different communities lived together with their own cultures and religions.

After its Islamic period, the reconquest would completely change the configuration of the neighborhood, passing to Christianize mosques and religious centers linked to the previous culture.

 “Están las casas colocadas como si un viento huracanado las hubiera arremolinado así” (The houses are placed as if a hurricane wind had swirled them like this) Description of the Albaicín

Federico Garcia Lorca

Neighborhood of the Albaicin: The best of the tour

Walking through the Albaicín means immersing yourself in the Arab soul of Granada: from its tea shops, exotic corners and squares where you can sit, and watch life go by. All this in a setting of labyrinthine streets that always lead to unexpected corners and sunsets.

Essential stops:

Elvira Street: Highlights include the Church of San Andrés with its impressive Renaissance façade or the Church of San Gil

San Nicolás Viewpoint: The perfect place to have a privileged view of the Alhambra

OWAY recommendation: The views from the San Nicolás Viewpoint are spectacular at sunset, although if you can…get up at dawn: you will be completely alone. Granada only for you.

El Bañuelo: These are authentic Arab baths from the time of King Zirí Badis: you will find mosaics, star-shaped skylights…and perfectly preserved facilities.

Carrera del Darro and Casa de las Agredas House: Walk through its streets until you see the Sephardi Palace of Granada and the Olvidados (Forgotten) Palace. An unforgettable experience.

As you will see, if you are going to visit Granada, you cannot miss the tour of the Albaicín which will inevitably take you to the adjacent neighborhood of Sacromonte.


A journey that will take you through the steps of history, the crossbreeding of cultures, the breath of flamenco and the Arab aromas through its magical tea shops where it seems that time has stopped… in an era that perhaps never existed.

This is Granada, a place where history blurs with legend, to offer a unique visit to the traveler.



“Las lágrimas me subían a los ojos, y no eran lágrimas de pesar ni de alegría, eran de plenitud de vida silenciosa y oculta por estar en Granada” (The tears came to my eyes, and they were not tears of sorrow or joy, they were tears of the fullness of life, silent and hidden because I was in Granada)

Miguel de Unamuno

When are you coming to Granada?


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