Places of interest in Córdoba

15 September, 2014
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Places of interest in Córdoba

Córdoba is one of the most visited of all the city´s declared by Unesco as Worldwide Heritage in Europe. This is because Cordova has many places declared by Unesco as Heritage Sites. We can highlight The Great Mosque-Cathedral, the biggest mosque in the whole occident by the time. Inside It a Cathedral was built after the reconquest of the city by the Christians becoming a unique and original building, a jewel that will surprise any visitor.

Near to the Mosque many important Squares are all around like the Ponny´s Square where Miguel the Cervantes was inspired to write part of his Quijote de la Mancha book. Another one is Corredera Square, the first bullfighting ring in the city has been transformed in the Main Square in town. From the Arabs has Cordoba many others remains like Medinat Al- Zahara which means the brilliant city, the name is because of the richness of the materials used on it, made with Gold and Marmol this city is undoubtedly a place that you can´t miss.

Another place you shouldn´t miss is the Jews Quarter where one of the biggest populations of Jews in Spain were living during many years in Cordova. In this neighbourhood the purest Synagogue in Spain can be found. Inside the Jewish Quarter you will discover the Zoco, a place dedicated for the traditional workshops where the visitors could contemplate how worked the leader and the Silver with the traditional techniques.

From Romans Cordova also have many remains spread all over the city. One of them is the Roman Bridge, another is the Roman Temple dedicated to adore Roman Gods. Other important Roman building is the Roman Theatre which became the 3th biggest theatre in the whole Roman Empire; this is localized inside the Archaeological Museum of Cordova.

Cordoba also was a land of kings, fact that can be appreciated in the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs or in the Ferdinan´s Churchs. Of course we have to mention the courtyard contest, declared by Unesco “Cultural Worldwide Heritage”. A festivity where you can find many different kinds of plants from all over the world which nowadays are used to decorate those Courtyards.

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