Plans with children in Córdoba

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Plans with children in Córdoba

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Discover the thousand faces of Cordoba in family. If the city of the three cultures has anything, it is its chameleon-like capacity to offer all kinds of plans: from visiting millenary places, to a stroll through natural reserves, to the opportunity to attend a flamenco show in Arab baths from the 10th century. In this sense, Cordoba is a perfect city for a family getaway, since both children and adults have the chance to get in touch with history and nature, and having a perfect holiday in the purest Cordovan style: with passion, soul and light.

Plans with children in Cordoba

Taste the local Gastronomy

Cordoba’s gastronomy is suitable for all palates: from the well-known salmorejo and its versions, to the flamenquines that will delight the youngest members of the family. And all this in the surroundings of the historical taverns that do not lose their family essence in the heart of the old town.

Strolling through the Jewish quarter and discovering its courtyards

There’s nothing better than getting lost in the alleys and discovering unexpected corners in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Getting lost in the forest of columns of the Cathedral Mosque

The Mosque can be seen by exploring its corners freely or through the documentaries projected in the Patio de los Naranjos, an unforgettable experience.

Walking along the Roman bridge over the Guadalquivir

Something as simple as crossing the Roman bridge from side to side at sunset can be a magical and fun activity with children.

The experience of the gardens of the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

The Alcazar offers, in addition to its unparalleled history, gardens where light and colors show are projected in its fountains. An obligatory stop.

Get delighted at the spectacles of the Royal Stables

The so-called ‘Cathedral of the Horses’ offers shows for children where the horses dance to the sound of music with the accompaniment of a flamenco dancer.

Discover Viana Palace and its 12 courtyards

The impressive Viana Palace offers the experience of getting lost in 12 patios, each with its own personality and unique essence.

Explore the ‘Children’s City’

Close to the zoo and the botanical garden is the Children’s City. A park of activities and games with various areas served by monitors.

A walk through the Natural Park ‘Sierras Subbéticas’

A few kilometers from the city you will find this natural space, protected and endorsed by UNESCO, a wonder of nature where you can enjoy an unparalleled walk.

Speleology activities in the ‘Cueva del Yeso’ in Baena

This cave is the longest in Spain, with an unparalleled variety of fauna. Children can have a baptism of speleology and enter the bowels of the earth.

Salto del caballo waterfall

After an easy route of approximately one kilometer, and passing by flour mills of the 19th century, you will arrive at this waterfall that seems to have been taken from a fairy tail.

Route through the Gorge of the Río de la Hoz

In the outskirts of the capital, you will find an endless number of natural spots with diverse difficulty, with waterfalls, swamps and landscapes without equal. You can spend an active day in the peace of these places.

A horseback ride through the Andalusian countryside

Today you can experience a traditional horseback ride through the countryside of Cordoba, where the rhythm of gallop and the colors of the countryside will transport you to the most equestrian and relaxed side of Cordoba. A perfect horse ride for the whole family, whether you are experienced or not, for children and adults, in winter or summer.

As you will see, if you visit Cordoba, it’s very easy to go around the countryside on the back of a pure Spanish horse. In short, in Cordoba you will be able to find activities for the whole family and change the landscape and environment in a matter of a few kilometers. History and culture. Nature and passion.

That’s Cordoba, do you dare to discover it?

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