Horse Riding in Cordoba

Cordoba is an Andalusian region rich in tradition. Its colors and smells, its landscapes, its ruins and its people will make you fall in love with this part of Andalusia. Visiting Cordoba is always a good option, even more if you do it on the back of a horse

Horses are elegant animals that will show you the Cordovan region from a different perspective

This activity, recommended for all audiences, can be an active and different way to experience this region and all it has to offer. There are a lot of options, for all budgets and tastes, as well as a large number of tours and areas to visit. Oway Tours shows you the best options and all the information you need to know, to make your horseback ride experience even more enjoyable.

Horse culture in Cordoba

It would be almost impossible to summarize in one paragraph the historical relationship of Cordoba with the equine world. The rise of equine culture was favored by a number of factors such as the passion of some rulers for the horse, or climatic and wild conditions, among others.

All this is seasoned by ethnography and the Cordovan culture closely linked and committed to an animal that represents the noblest soul of Cordoba.
The colophon of this culture was materialized in the birth of the best horse in the world: the Pura raza español.

What are the best areas for horseback riding in Cordoba?

Cordoba is an Andalusian region plenty of routes for horseback riding, from the capital, the city of Cordoba, to the mountains.

Cordovan Campiña 

Visit the Cordovan campiña and enjoy the open country routes. Discover the incredible landscapes of the mountains of Cordoba and visit the villages on the mountains of Sierra Morena. This area is known as the Spanish Tuscany, as its landscapes, full of vineyards, are reminiscent of the Italian Tuscany. 

Visiting this area of Cordoba is an opportunity to taste the wonderful wines and oils that are produced here. In addition, you can visit some of the famous pueblos blancos (white villages) that are located in this area. 

You can ride through the forest of Las Pinedas, the only forest in the campiña, a forest entirely of holm oaks. 

The colorful landscapes, with its vineyards, make the routes through this area one of the best on horseback. These routes, under the blue sky and with the Cordovan campiña in the background are an opportunity that you can not miss. 

The Cordovan Campiña

Guadalquivir valley

Discover the fertile Guadalquivir Valley as it crosses Cordoba. Travel along its contours and through its villages, all of them with a special charm. You can also visit the city and its surroundings, experiencing the beauty of the area. 

The variety of landscapes that you can find in this area will leave you speechless. From agricultural areas, loaded with fruit trees, which bring color to the landscape, to its forest areas. 

The Natural Reserve of Hornachuelos, located in the mountain range of Sierra Morena, next to the river that gives its name to this area, is one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the region. In this natural reserve we can find a variety of landscapes ranging from dehesas (typical spanish pastures) to deep ravines sculpted in the slate ground.

In this area, in addition, we find the Archaeological ruins Madinat al-Zahra, the ruins of a palatine city at the base of the mountains.  These Arab ruins are worth visiting and can be reached from the villages in the area.

Surrounded by the Cordovan campiña and the mountain range of Sierra Morena, the Guadalquivir Valley is one of the best areas to make a horseback tour.

Guadalquivir Valley Cordoba

Los Pedroches Valley

Walk through the dehesas of Cordoba and discover the charm of this area, where 100% Iberian pigs are farmed. 

In these routes, you can walk through these dehesas, getting to know where and how the Iberian pig lives. If you take a route through the valley of Los Pedroches, you can learn about the native fauna and flora of the area.

You will be able to enjoy this rural area full of oak groves landscapes and swamps, such as La Colada swamp. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the region.

Los Pedroches Valley Cordoba

Cordovan Subbética Mountain Range

Explore the landscapes of the mountain range and admire the entire region from the highest peaks. This area, in the south of the region, will offer you some of the most spectacular scenery in the region

Although the routes may be steeper, it is undoubtedly one of the areas worth visiting. We can walk the hillside of Pico de la Tiñosa, the highest peak in the whole region, or ride on horseback through the forests of the area, admiring the views.

In this area you can find more rocky landscapes where there are thousands of hidden paths and trails, with ravines, swamps and forests of oak and cork oak, which are nothing less than spectacular. You can see the mountains from the heights and enjoy the outdoors surrounded by nature.

Tne Subbética Cordoba

How much does it cost to do Horseback Tours in Cordoba? 

The routes in Cordoba are for all budgets. Depending on the duration and if they are in group or individual, we find routes from 20 €. We have routes of 1 hour, several hours and even full days, including picnic or lunch in one of the villages in the area.

All the equestrian centers in Cordoba

In Cordoba there are 9 riding centers that organize different routes throughout the Cordovan region. We list here the centers with their contact information.

El Cañuelo

El Cañuelo offers different routes through the Guadalquivir Valley and the surroundings of the city of Cordoba. It offers routes of 1h of duration or more, with or without picnic, for all audiences. 

Phone: +34 620 60 32 53

Adress: Highway Margen Izquierdo Guadalquivir Km 2,5 (7.81 km), 14029 Cordoba

Entre Toros y Caballos

With Entre Toros y Caballos you can learn all about the world of the bull and horse raising in the region of Cordoba. They make routes of up to several days in the Sierra Morena mountain range and the Guadalquivir Valley. 

Phone: +34 646 61 91 71

Adress: 14140 Aldea Quintana, Cordoba

La Jara Equestrian Sports Club

This riding club organizes activities with horses, for people with or without previous knowledge. It organizes routes through the bordering part of the Natural Reserve of the Sierra de Hornachuelos.

Phone: +34 680 27 01 23

Adress:  Hinojosa del Duque, Camino de la barquera km3, 14270 Cordoba

Equestrian Club La Herradura

In addition to a multitude of activities related to the equestrian world, this club offers routes of up to 3 hours for everyone in the Guadalquivir Valley.

Phone: +34 671 01 23 88

Adress: Highway. de Las Huertas Km. 1,5, 14700 Palma del Río, Cordoba

Cabal Natur

Cabal Natur offers routes through the mountains of Cordoba, visiting some of the natural reserves of the region. These routes, for all ages, usually last all morning.

Phone: +34 607 43 55 78

Adress: Calle Antonio Cañas Pabón, 6 – 1º H, Montoro, 14600, Cordoba

Hacienda Las Salinas

Hacienda las Salinas offers a multitude of activities oriented to nature and the equestrian world. These activities are designed for all audiences and with any knowledge of horseback riding.

Phone: +34 691 54 78 97

Adress: Las Salinas street, Priego De Córdoba, 14800, Cordoba

Alfonso Porras Equitación

Alfonso Porras Equitación offers a wide variety of activities and riding lessons. You can also make routes and trips on horseback in the mountain range of Sierra de Aras and Cordovan Subbética.

Phone: +34 670 64 82 32

Adress: Highway CO-7218, Km. 2,3, 14900 LUCENA, Cordoba, España

Equestrian Club la Garrocha

Located in the Subbetica mountain range of Cordoba, the Garrocha Equestrian Club offers routes through the mountains for groups of all ages.

Phone: +34 622 09 25 21

Adress: 14940 Cabra, Cordoba

El Estribo

Ride through the mountain range of Hornachuelos on horseback with El Estribo. Their routes last approximately 2 hours and it is not necessary to have any previous knowledge or experience.

Phone: +34 630 81 52 34

Adress:  Cementery road, 14, 14740 Hornachuelos, Cordoba

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