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6 August, 2019
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Cordoba's relationship with the horse comes from far away, and it will continue to let us know enjoy.

Today you can experience a traditional horseback riding route through the countryside of Cordoba, where the rhythm of galloping and the colors of the countryside transport you to the most equestrian and relaxed side of Cordoba.

A perfect horse ride for the whole family, whether you are experienced or not, for children and adults, for the winter or for the summer. As you will see, if you visit Cordoba, it's very easy to go around the countryside on the back of a Spanish purebred horse.

Do you want to know more? Today in Oway we tell you everything about it... don't miss it!

First of all...

Horse culture in Cordoba

It would be almost impossible to summarize in one paragraph the historical relationship of Cordoba with the equine world. The rise of equine culture was favored by a number of factors such as the passion of some rulers for the horse, or climatic and wild conditions, among others.

All this is seasoned by ethnography and the Cordovan culture closely linked and committed to an animal that represents the noblest soul of Cordoba. The colophon of this culture was materialized in the birth of the best horse in the world: the Pura raza español.

Horse riding in Cordoba

All this equestrian culture has led to the proliferation of professionals dedicated to the promotion of equestrian culture, and within this world you have the opportunity to enjoy a horseback ride in Cordoba.

Therefore, if you visit Cordoba, you will find a wide range of schools and organizations that offer you the chance to ride a horse and cross the Mediterranean forest at the rythm of a quiet gallop of horses bred with the care of the best professionals.

Can I ride a horse if I have no experience?

The answer is yes, in fact, no problem, since for those who have no experience is carried out a small introductory course to give the basic guidelines.

Can everyone ride? Including children?

You can ride a horse from the age of five, and since then there is no limit. The horses as well as the routes are adapted to the number of family members, experience and ages.

Can people with disabilities ride?

Also, there is usually an adaptation according to the person and the route. You only have to consult in advance with the professionals.

How long does the tour usually take?

With an extension of approximately 10km, the route can be extended between two or three hours, everything depends on the preferences.

The price?

Approximately between 30-50 euros per person.

What will I see along the route?

It all depends on the option you choose, but in Cordoba you will ride to places where the Mediterranean forest is shown in the form of holm oaks or cork oaks, and the nature that surrounds the Guadalquivir becomes the plot of your walk.

And if you are lucky, in the hare season, they will show up jumping on the road to greet you. And this is as far as we can tell you, to know more... You will have to experience it first-hand!

- Recommendation In La Carlota, 20 minutes from Cordoba, they organize horse rides through the Cordovan countryside.



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