Rural accommodation in Córdoba

13 June, 2018
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Rural accommodation in Córdoba

Córdoba Province has not only monuments but also wonderful natural spaces in the mountains. Within these natural spaces, we find both endemic animals and those in danger of extinction living in freedom, as well as a fantastic and varied flora for nature lovers. Córdoba can be a fantastic place to get away from the city to enjoy the river, natural landscapes and even its natural parks, among which there is a geopark recognized by UNESCO as is the case with Zuheros’ area.

There are plenty of accommodations at your disposal to enjoy the wonderful mountain range that Córdoba has in a more relaxed way. These accommodations are scattered throughout Córdoba’s mountains and may consist on both rural hotels or houses, which adapts to the needs of anyone who' is interested in spending a few days in this peace and tranquility oasis.

These accommodations offer us a large number of options to select depending on what we are looking for. More specifically, some of these accommodations include a barbecue area, garden, pet allowance, fireplace, and even Jacuzzi.

The average price per night ranges between € 15-30 (per person) depending on each accommodation. This is an affordable price range for all pockets by which it’s possible to have a priceless experience.

Come and enjoy the most typical old rural houses in Andalusia, made of clay (adobe, mud, brick, tile, etc.), and its magical sensation while resting in the midst of the beautiful nature that Córdoba offers us. Mud houses are typical of Guadalquivir’s countryside and in the rural houses of the province is where you can best appreciate this antique building type.

Some of the houses and accommodations are typically Muslim lodgings due to Córdoba’s history. These often have two floors and are covered in Arabic tile, and although normally this kind of house has a patio, not all of them do.

Another interesting type of construction is the Andalusian cortijo where you can also enjoy a different architectural style in the wonderful nature that Córdoba offers us. Due to the history of this type of construction both the house of the farmers and the owners are united, which turns these houses into ample spaces where you can be with more than one person, be it family or friends.

Córdoba is an ideal place for its culture, gastronomy, and monuments as well as for its well-conserved nature and all the wonderful landscapes and routes that it offers us. Is there a better destination to escape to enjoy natural pleasures than a rural house in a fully natural area? That kind of indescribable peace can only be achieved in a place of calm and harmony where the human being can feel one with nature again and connect with its origins.

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