San Rafael: the Archangel you will find in many corners of Cordoba

24 April, 2019
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16 April, 2019
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26 April, 2019

What would Cordoba be without its way of living devotion?

The passion of the Cordovan way of life has its best representation in religious devotion. As an example, the figure of San Rafael stands as the custodian of the city after his miraculous mediation to eradicate the plague epidemic that devastated Cordoba in the Middle Ages.

A veneration that is part of the daily feeling of the people of Cordoba: there is no house that does not have a figure or image dedicated to the custodian of Cordoba.

But this devotion does not remain in the houses of the Cordovan people, numerous references to the Archangel can be found in its streets, square, cellars and even in the Cordovan people themselves: it is one of the most popular names in its masculine and feminine version.

In short, the city of the three cultures and their people could not be understood without knowing the figure of San Rafael. Who say, has also appeared on numerous occasions.

Contrary to popular belief, San Rafael is not the patron saint of Cordoba: it is San Acisclo.

A figure present in everyday life

Given the intense devotion to the Archangel in the city, triumphs and statues in his honor can be found in each neighborhood of the city, which are always full of flowers and candles. Visiting these points of devotion is a unique experience for the visitor to understand the essence of Cordoba.

Guide | Triumphs and statues dedicated to San Rafael

Triumphs - Roman Bridge Door - Compañia Square - Conde Guadalhorce Square - Aguayos Square - Puente de San Rafael - Puerta Nueva - Plaza del Potro - Puente Romano - Fuente de la Fuenseca

Altars - Corner of Candelaria and Lineros Streets This altarpiece made in the 19th century is one of the most iconic representations of the city.

"El Arcángel aljamiado de lentejuelas oscuras, en el mitin de las ondas buscaba rumor y cuna. Un solo pez en el agua. Dos Córdobas de hermosura. Córdoba quebrada en chorros. Celeste Córdoba enjuta”.

Lorca's words to the triumphs of San Rafael in his Romancero Gitano.

Celebration of the Feast of the Custos of San Rafael

On October 24th the city is covered with the fervor of the feast of St. Raphael. There is a mistaken belief that this saint is the patron of the city, so why is there such veneration for Saint Raphael in Cordoba? The origin of this devotion goes back to the Middle Ages, when the plague devastated Europe. To escape the plague, the city was entrusted to San Rafael. And so it was, as a miracle, the city managed to escape the devastating effects of the epidemic. Since then, Cordoba celebrates this festive around, of course, a good bowl of crumbs.

A walk through Cordoba's devotion

Whether you want to attend its official celebration in October or visit the different altars and triumphs: taking a tour of Cordoba's passion is an unforgettable experience.

It will allow you to connect with the intangible soul of devotion, which materializes in the images, flowers and candles that are part of the city's landscape.

Because the day the flowers and candles are missing in Cordoba, a part of their essence will be lost.

And as long as this tradition continues, the best thing to do is to visit the city of light, don't you think?



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