School Activities in Seville

School trips for children give students educational experiences outside their regular school environment. With this we obtain that students can understand in a more fun and realistic way the contents that have been worked on in class, through critical thinking and allowing them to link new concepts with social reality. In short, we will have happier pupils with a clearer understanding of the contents through the following excursions that will not disappoint either the teachers or the pupils.

Discovering Domen de la Pastora

This will be a very interesting experience for the students as they will be able to discover some hidden archaeological sites in the Aljarafe area of Seville, very important in our community, El Domen de la Pastora discovered in 1860, it is a tholos with a long corridor that ends with a circular chamber at the bottom with significance probably related to ceremonial functionality. All this will be taught through prehistoric and archaeological workshops in which students will be guided by an educator at all times, learning while having fun at the same time.


Dolmen Pastora, Sevilla

La Cañada de los Pájaros

An excursion in nature is always an ideal option both in terms of learning and for children to enjoy an open space outside the classroom. At La Cañada de los Pájaros they carry out very important work trying to raise awareness about bird species and wetlands, as well as about climate change or the excessive use of plastics, from the point of view of sustainability and respect for the habitat and its inhabitants.

With an educator for each class, we will be able to walk around the area learning about the birds that live there, and the tour will be complemented by workshops so that children can learn more about them and optical material so that they don’t miss anything.

La Cañada de los Pájaros

Sports Activity in Nature

A day in a natural environment where your group of students will be able to practice healthy and fun sports such as mountain biking, canoeing, archery, horse riding, etc.

The farm is located in Pedrosa, Seville and has paths and routes, with a landscape suitable for this activity, also has a magnificent lake with double and single canoes, as well as a motorised zodiac rescue, archery activities, zip line, basic horse riding lessons and much more. It will be the perfect experience for children to bond and encourage tolerance in a perfect and safe environment.

Actividad Deportiva en la Naturaleza en Sevilla

Planeta Olivo

Planeta Olivo is presented as a Different Farm School, where the students who visit it will learn, discover and experiment with a unique and identifying theme of our land: The history and production of olive oil.

The route of this visit will be as follows, firstly the students will visit the room where they will learn to discern and classify samples of vegetable oils applying each of the steps of the scientific method, this room is called the “catalaboratory”.

All this with the necessary material to classify according to taste, smell, colour and quality. The next thing the students will be able to learn will be the procedure of oil extraction and finally discover the ecosystem that keeps this typical landscape of our Andalusian countryside.


Planeta Olivo Sevilla


The city was founded in 206 BC by Publius Cornelius Scipio Scipio, the African, as a place to recover wounded troops as well as a place of residence for his war veterans. It was the birthplace of the emperors Trajan and Hadrian. A new city that came to have sewage systems, services… in other words, one of the most advanced cities in the Roman world at the time. Thanks to this visit, students will learn about the splendour of the first Roman colony in Hispania. Merchants, nobles, senators and slaves will take you on a journey 2,000 years back to the time of Hadrian. This tour will be dramatised to make it more fun and realistic, as well as games and workshops.

Itálica Sevilla

Día en la Granja Escuela

This farm school is located in Estepa, Seville and it will be an unforgettable day for the little ones, they will learn with unique and fun experiences, combining play and learning.

They will see how animals are raised in their natural habitat, they will discover in our museum how agriculture and rural life has evolved, they will learn how the typical mantecados of Estepa “La Flor de Estepa” are made, they will follow a route of Bandoleros through the mountains, until they reach their lair, with the help of the clues that they will find along the way, as well as participating in activities of agriculture, livestock, environmental education and much more.

Día en la Granja Escuela, Sevilla

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