Seville with kids

Enjoying Seville with kids? Yes, it is possible! You just need a little organization and information beforehand to know when and where to go at certain times of the day.

In Seville, in addition to monuments and history, children have an important place: Sevillians themselves take their children wherever they go, so it is normal to see families on terraces and bars… even at night.

Seville has a good infrastructure and culture to welcome the little ones of the family: from closed spaces to open ones, gardens and even a bicycle lane.

Do you want to know more? Today at Oway we’ll tell you some ideas – and tricks – to make the most of your visit with kids. Don’t miss it!

First of all…

Practical tips to travel with kids to Seville

In regard to museums, some have free admission for minors accompanied by an adult.

For example, the Real Alcázar is free until the age of 16, while the Hospital de la Caridad and the cruises that cross the Guadalquivir are free for children under 12.

Plans for the whole family in Seville

Guided tours to discover the secrets that do not appear in the guides: Guided tours are an excellent option to get to know the cities. In addition, you will be able to find personalized options for all the family and so that the small ones do not get bored. You will learn history and culture. All in one trip.

Science House: A planetarium, recreational activities to learn by playing, skeletons, reproductions of cetaceans…the world of science at the little ones feet.

Cruise along the Guadalquivir: With an impressive riverbank, you will be fascinated -and most importantly, relaxed- looking at the landscape from the boat. A 100% recommended experience.

Seville Aquarium: A journey around the world begins from Seville, just as Magellan himself did.

Go up to the Mushrooms viewpoint and see one of the most magical sunsets in Seville.

Isla Mágica: Since April you can enjoy some of the best attractions in Seville. With seven different areas inspired by the Discovery of America, water slides, infinity pools and activities for the whole family, it is an obligatory stop.

Excursion to the National Park of Doñana: And of course, the visit to Doñana is essential, as you will be able to get to know firsthand the flora and fauna…and thus to understand why it is an important natural reserve.

Feria de Abril: Flamenco and sevillanas also have a place in the universe of the little ones. Nothing like dressing up and riding in one of the many attractions of the Fair.

Tourist Bus: You will enjoy seeing the main monuments from the top of the bus.

As you will see, the little ones are welcomed in Seville. They’ll enjoy the color and joy of the city of light by excellence.

What are you waiting for to explore Seville?


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