Summer Cinemas in Cordoba

30 May, 2019
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Summer cinema is typical in Andalusian culture. Formerly, there used to be a large number of summer cinemas, and although the trend has been the gradual disappearance of this type of entertainment, today you can still enjoy this fantastic spectacle.

In other cities in the world, the cinema is also run outdoors, although the Andalusian summer cinema is different to all these. What makes this Andalusian tradition so special is not only that this has been a summer way of living for decades, but also the magic that is hidden not only in the film you are going to see, but in the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds this cinema along with the special atmosphere that these summer cinemas have.

In Cordoba there were 54 summer cinemas between the 50's and 60's, of which only four remain in the historical center of the city, and another in the bullring.

The oldest cinema in Cordoba is the "Coliseo de San Andrés" cinema. An old corrala that still has houses around the cinema, so that neighbors can enjoy their film for free from their balconies.

The other three cinemas that are in the historical center of the city of Cordoba along with the bullring also have an atmosphere full of magic, where you can see the movies in the moonlight, enjoying the good Andalusian weather and relax, while enjoying a pleasant evening dining inside the cinema.

In the summer cinemas not only will you see a movie, you will also enjoy the night breeze and the company. Children have space to play and inside these cinemas you can buy snacks and sandwiches for dinner. Likewise, in most cinemas it is allowed to bring your own food from outside.

It is also a chance to enjoy a movie in a more relaxed way, as if we were on the terrace of a bar. In the middle of a movie it is common to make a short pause, where people return to the bar or simply chat with others.

They are places of great charm and cultural value, where the stray cats walk through the cinema while the film continues to be projected with more splendor than ever.

If you visit Andalusia in summer, this is something you can not miss in your itinerary. Enjoy both the film and the culture of the place and relax in this atmosphere created just for your enjoyment.



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