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Are you planning a trip to the wonderful city of Granada? Would you like to ensure a different and unique experience in your visit to the ancient Alhambra? If your answer to these questions is yes, join us in this article prepared exclusively to show you the perfect option to complete your stay in the city of Granada.

Among your plans to get to know the city, a visit to the Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984, is a must. Do you want to know how to improve your visit to this monument? Keep reading!


Can you visit the Alhambra at night?

For more than 10 years now, visitors to this monumental complex have been able to enjoy the other side of this monument: seeing the Alhambra at night. In addition to the daytime visits that take place every day, these night visits promise to show a side of the Alhambra that only the magic of Granada’s night can offer.

Albaicin from the Alhambra

What can you visit and what its timetable?

For the night visit you can choose between three passes, accessing to all of them through the main entrance. Although it is allowed to take pictures, please do not use the flash in order to not disturb the other visitors and to ensure a full enjoyment of the show. These visits will be accompanied by soft lighting that will help you to appreciate architectural and decorative details that are difficult to see during regular visits to the monument.


Night Visit to the Gardens and Generalife

This pass includes the Paseo de los Nogales, the Paseo de los Jardines Nuevos o Bajos (New or Lower Gardens) of the Generalife and the Palace of the same name. From the main entrance you will access the first stop of this visit through the Paseo de los Cipreses. After walking along the Paseo de los Jardines Nuevos you will arrive at the Generalife Palace.

As for the timetables, these depend on the time of the visit. From 1st April to 31st May and from 1st September to 14th October there will be two passes from Tuesday to Saturday. These would be at 10pm and 11pm respectively. From 15th October to 14th November, the tour will take place on Fridays and Saturdays, being the first tour at 8pm and the second at 9.30pm.

Generalife's gardens


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Night Visit to the Nasrid Palaces

This ticket allows you to visit the Palace of Charles V, the Nasrid Palaces and the Gate of Justice. When entering the Nasrid Palaces you should bear in mind that this stop has a specific entrance time. Because of this, you will enter the area at the time indicated on your ticket. Inside the palace you will be able to walk through its main areas: the Mexuar, the Patio de los Arrayanes or Comares and the Patio de los Leones.

Its schedule is divided into two: from April 1st to October 14th the entrance will be at 10pm and 11:30pm, from Tuesday to Saturday; while from October 15th to March 31st the entrance will be on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and 9pm.

Patio of Comares

Night Visit to Dobla de Oro

As an addition to the previous passes, which are entirely nocturnal, the night visit called the Dobla de Oro combines the night visit to the Nasrid Palaces of the Alhambra with the visit to various historical places and corners of the Albaicin quarter, linked to such an emblematic monument.

The Andalusian monuments included in this visit are the following:

  • The Bañuelo and the Corral del Carbón.
  • Casa Morisca (C/ Horno de Oro).
  • Dar al-Horra Palace.
  • Casa del Chapíz and Casa de Zafra

These can be visited during the day to finish with a night visit to the palaces. In addition, the last three places mentioned offer some flexibility in their visits. This is so as they can be visited the day before, the same day as the visit to the Alhambra or the following day. Furthermore, taking advantage of your trip around the Albaicin quarter, our experts offer guided visits to the neighbourhoods of Albaicin and Sacramonte, which will be at your complete disposal. Discover the hidden secrets of this ancient quarters beyond their link to the Alhambra.

Albaicin from the Alhambra

Prices of the night entrance to the Alhambra

As each pass allows you to enter a different area of the complex. The prices are as follows: the night-time entry to the Gardens and Generalife is 5 euros; for the Nasrid Palaces 8 euros; and for the night-time “Dobla de Oro” visit 14.65 euros.


If you have already had the opportunity to visit the monument during the day, these night visits will allow you to discover secrets that in broad daylight are hidden in the shadows of the Alhambra. To conclude, don’t forget you can always count on the best local guides to accompany you on your sightseeing tours of Granada in guided tour such as our Free walking tour in Granada or the guided tour of the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel.

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