The Botanic Garden of Cordoba | Natural culture and the cult of the floral life

5 June, 2019
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Who said Cordoba was only history, art, culture and millenary constructions? Well, maybe nobody...but that is the best known part of the city of the three cultures.

Based on that, at Oway we want you to know all the perspectives of a city that, no matter how much we know, never ceases to amaze us. And in today's post we bring you the most... vegetable side of Cordoba, thanks to the work of the Botanical Garden: a temple dedicated to the local flora.

Paleobotanical Museum. Guided tours and practical experiences for all ages. A sample of the conditions in which plants live in the desert...and even a stone forest. These are just some of the things you will find in the Botanical Garden: an authentic world to discover.

Do you want to know more? In the post we tell you about the route through the Botanical Garden, one of the many obligatory stops in Cordoba... Don't miss it.

Botanic Garden | Natural Temple

Located on the edge of the Guadalquivir, the Botanic Garden is fed by the natural light of Cordoba and by the river. With various areas of activity and collections, this space is dedicated to the conservation and dissemination of plant culture and various species. How? through various social, educational and scientific activities.

Everything related to plant culture, not only in Cordoba or Andalusia, but also at a national level, is part of the program of the various activities of the center.

Thus, with 11 collections and various experiences or museums, the Botanical Garden offers experiences adapted to bring the science and culture of the plant kingdom to different audiences.

Spaces and collections

Arboretum | Centaureas-Encephalartos

Stone Forest | Fossil Vegetable Collection

African Crasses | A sample of the resistance of certain plants to desert conditions in Africa

Agricultural School | Focused on promoting locally adapted plants useful to humans

Botanical School | Mediterranean flora collection in Spain

Ethnobotanical School | Analysis of the relationship between the human being and the knowledge related to the cultivation of plants.

Tactile-olfative Garden |The relationship with plants is not only visual, and this tour with Braille posters gives good faith of it.

Cordovan Patio | As could not be less, it includes a sample of the most common plants that adorn the jewel of the crown of Cordoba: the neighborhood courtyards.

Rosegarden | A paradise of roses, of all types, shapes and smells. An authentic feast.

Greenhouses | They include a sample of Canarian flora.

Hydraulic Module | Relationship between mills and the development of plants with different uses.

Activities for the whole family

The Nature Classroom of the Royal Botanical Garden provides and organizes various activities

- Guided visits for groups for only two euros per person. Includes explanations of the main modules: Molinos de Martos and San Antonio, the Paleobotanical Museum, the Entobotanical Museum and the general installations.

- Workshops for the whole family | Usually take place every Saturday: 'Botanicals for a day', 'Urban gardens and vertical gardens', 'A forest in the city', properties and curiosities of 'legumes'. These are just some of the workshops.

- Summer School| In summer and in the morning during July and August, there is a school aimed at the entertainment and learning of the youngest.

Practical Information | Visiting the Botanical Garden of Cordoba

Ticket Price |3 euros adults

Children (from 5 years old), students and pensioners | 1,5 euros

You can check the timetables for each season on the official website of the Botanical Garden.

In short, the vegetable world in Cordoba also contains a history that is waiting to be discovered by you.

What are you waiting for to explore Córdoba?



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