The most romantic plans to do in Cadiz

Few people believe that Cádiz has a romantic side that can sweeten your trips, making them even more special. But we must tell you that they are wrong. Cádiz, like the rest of the destinations of Andalusia, has a lot to offer if you go with your partner. 

We know that love is special anywhere, since the important thing is the company, and we know that your better half makes any place unique. However, we want to tell you about some plans you can make in Cádiz and we know you will fall in love with them. Besides, you are going to surprise your partner a lot. It is fundamental to maintain that originality and surprise factor in a relationship, and we want to help you so that your trip is as special as possible. 

Walk around Cadiz and watch the sunset in La Caleta

In Cadiz you will be surrounded by wonderful views that will leave you speechless. These views will be part of those special moments for two; a conversation, good news, or even a marriage proposal. Who knows? 

Take a walk along the Alameda de Cádiz, one of the most charming and historic places in the city. Right next to the Mediterranean Sea, you will be able to enjoy in this place abundant vegetation and a pleasant breeze. In the Alameda there are many special places full of romanticism. Furthermore, it will lead you to the Baluarte de la Candelaria, one of the fortifications of Cadiz that was one of the most important elements of defence of the city. And it does not end here! After the Baluarte de la Candelaria you will come across the Parque Genovés, a wonderful place that will remind you of your childhood or that will simply create wonderful memories for you. As you can see, Cádiz is full of places that will make a simple walk with your partner much more special and unforgettable. 

To end the day in the best way, the best plan is to go to the “queen of Cadiz sunsets”, La Caleta, that special and renowned place in the city. It is one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see, with the sun hiding behind the boats and with this fantastic beach all around you. But the most important thing will always be the person next to you. 

alameda de cadiz

Design your own wedding ring

If you have something very special in mind for this trip, such as asking your partner to marry you, you should know that in Cádiz you can do something as unique as design your own wedding ring and even create it. If a wedding ring is already something special, imagine if you make it yourself; it will add a lot more value and you will also enjoy a good romantic time. 

At Antonio Collantes’ jewellery shop you can live this experience. The goldsmith had the idea of creating this activity that could not be more innovative, unique and romantic. It is a very intimate moment between you, creating your wedding rings from scratch.

The experience lasts a couple of hours and you can enjoy it for 500 euros, more or less. It is a very original gift and the experience will be unforgettable

pareja de enamorados diseñando su propia alianza

Dawn in a special place

For a day to go well, it is essential that the day starts well. And what could be better than waking up and the first thing you see is the sunrise overlooking the sea from your bed? You can experience it at the Parador de Cádiz, a fantastic and different place. Its architecture does not match the architecture of the city, which provides a lot of history.

This building is quite modern, however, that makes it very comfortable and up to date. Its huge balconies with large windows in all rooms will allow you to enjoy unique views that only Cadiz can offer. 

And now imagine accompanying that sunrise with those views with a delicious breakfast in bed. What do we want more?

parador de cadiz

A boat ride

There is nothing more typical of Cádiz than taking a boat ride. There are many excursions and boat trips to choose from, as Cadiz is full of companies that offer these unique moments. You will fall in love with the views and you will love the unforgettable moment you will be living. Moreover, in the summer it’s a great way to refresh yourself, as you can also take a bath. 

Depending on the excursion you choose, you will be able to live different experiences. You can visit the “floating” castle of Sancti Petri. You will spend a fantastic day there with that special person. On the other hand, you can also choose to observe different marine species that are found in the place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the companies that provide these experiences are Albarco, Sancti Petri Kayak or Tumares. 

un paseo en barco por cadiz


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