The Saltillo Trail in Canillas de Aceituno

The Saltillo trail in Canillas de Aceituno is in the province of Malaga. So, if you are one of those who love hiking and enjoy nature and adrenaline, you are at the right destination. In addition, this route is the beginning of the most vertiginous climbs to the top of the Maroma.

Malaga, has many hiking trails, so if you are in Malaga do not hesitate to make one of the routes, this is one of the most important along with the route of the Caminito del Rey, so are you going to miss it? You will be impressed by this route and it will remain engraved in your memory.

What is the route of El Saltillo?

This route is the beginning of one of the most vertiginous climbs to the top of the Maroma and starts in Canillas de Aceituno. 

This route is pure adrenaline, as it climbs one of the most impressive peaks, the top of the Maroma. This summit has rehabilitated a footbridge of El Saltillo and this is considered as “El Caminito de la Axarquia”. This route starts from an Axarquia port which is Canillas de Aceituno.

On the route we will be able to see and enjoy the local fauna and flora. In this area the botanical variety is very varied. We can find typical enclaves of the mountains or even riverside enclaves. Along the way we will see pines, olive trees, various types of bushes and palmettos. 

With respect to the local fauna, we can find the mountain goat. Sometimes on this route wild boars also come out, but it is more difficult to find them, but what you can see for sure are their tracks. In addition, in this area you can also enjoy seeing numerous birds, such as birds of prey, or different types of eagles.

The Saltillo Trail in Canillas de Aceituno

Where is it located?

This trail is in Malaga, in the town of Canillas de Aceituno. So, if you are in Malaga a good plan is to make this hiking route in which you will be totally impressed. Canilla de Aceituno is located east of the city of Malaga and is one of the municipalities that make up the region of Axarquia and the judicial district of Velez-Malaga. The best-known villages around Canillas de Aceituno are Torrox, Frigiliana or Mijas. 

This route is located within the protected territory of the Natural Park of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama. 

This route joins the town of Canillas de Aceituno with the place of La Rahíge. This place is located around the Almanchares riverbed. The Almanchares river descends precipitated by the Sierra Tejeda, which is a mountain range and where the summit is La Maroma.

Canillas de Aceituno, in Málaga

How to get to the route?

This route can be started from the local town hall, Canillas de Aceituno. To get to the town hall you must take the Mediterranean highway. Once we are at this point, we must take the road towards Motril from Malaga and take a detour to Velez. After arriving at Velez, we must continue towards Alhama de Granada. Once we take the road to Alhama de Granada, we must continue for about 12 kilometers and then we must turn off on the MA-125 and this will take you directly to the town of Canillas de Aceituno. 

If we go by car to the town, we will have to leave the car parked in the streets closest to the town hall.  

Route description

This route is made up of 5 highlights. The first point is the beginning of the route and the first meters. Here we start with the ascent to the Maroma from Canillas de Aceituno. At the beginning of the route, you must climb the steepest streets of the town center until you leave it. Arrived at this point, then you reach a wide lane from which you must look for an irrigation ditch on its right bank.

At the next point you must continue along the ditch parallel or on it for a long part of the route. When doing this hiking area, you have to be careful not to slip in some of the sections that are inclined or others where the water has wet the ditch. Then, we will continue through a flat area and reach the place of La Rahíge and here we border the Sierra Tejeda and walk in the direction of Sedella. We will leave behind the town of Canillas and observe the impressive perspective with the backdrop of the reservoir of La Viñuela. At the second point we can also see points such as the village of Casabermeja, the Sierra de las Cabras or the entrance to the Axarquia.

At the third point of the route, we will walk over a gully and reach El Albercón. The Albercón is an old pool where water is collected to irrigate the fields in the surrounding area. After visiting the Albercón we will continue walking through a steeper and harder area, but with little slope and we will reach a path that is flat again. 

In the penultimate stretch of the route, you will reach a hut that was built for the decalcification of water and in this area, we can see the recreational area of La Rahíge. We will continue along a limestone rocky path, where we will see beach sand due to the erosion of the stones. After passing the limestone rocky path, we arrive at El Saltillo, which is the dizzying walkway.

For the return to the village, the most recommended way back is the one we did on the way out.

Route formed by 5 points, a spectacle of nature.

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