Things to do at night in Córdoba

14 September, 2014
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10 September, 2014
Places of interest in Córdoba
15 September, 2014

Things to do at night in Córdoba

After visiting Cordova during the day, you shouldn´t miss the city in the night. One of the most wonderful cities illuminated by traditional lanterns, with running water everywhere, with an orange and other flowers essences invading the streets all over. So if your feet hurt after many walking follow our next advices. We will offer you different options:

Cordova´s Soul: Can you imagine how would be a Tour in the Mosque- Cathedral during the night? Now is possible to visit it at nights with an Audio-Guided every day up 9 p.m.

Cordova under the Culture´s Light: That is the name of the show with water, light and music offers on the Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs. Is an incomparable and magic environment that will make you learn about the Cordova culture from the Romans to Christians without forgetting Arabs and Jews. The show will use lights and projections to inside the Royal Gardens to represent scenes. Timetables: Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 22 h, 23 h y 00.00h; Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays at 22 h, 23 h, 00.30h y 01.30h.

If you are looking for something different, here you have two options: Legend Tour and Flamenco y Pasion Tour, both Tours will make you have another perspective about the city. Come with us and learn about the scariest legends happened in Cordova, tales, gossips and much more. A tour that mixes the stories with visiting places in the city which not many people get to know. If you are looking for Flamenco, we also have a Tour for you, our Flamenco and Passion Tour. Have you ever asked yourself where Flamenco come from? Who has invented it? We will explain you this and other curiosities more. But this tour is not all about explanations, part of this tour is a Flamenco Show on Live, but not a normal one not…we will bring you to the most special stage localized inside an Arabic Term. Don´t miss it.

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