Things to do in Cordoba: Bicycle routes

16 July, 2019
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Bicycle routes in Cordoba Cordoba preserves nature and its landscapes in an enviable way and has several natural parks with a great variety of fauna and flora, perfect for anyone who likes or is interested in nature.

In Cordoba there is a large number of routes, both hiking and for people who like to enjoy the countryside by bicycle. A great place to live the countryside and be able to practice sport alone or with friends who will make your experience unique.

In the Cordovan mountains we can find and enjoy all kinds of paths for bicycles where you can spend the morning. All the routes are differentiated by their level of difficulty, which allows anyone to join the challenge and try this fun experience.

The path of Vado Negro along the slope of the Ermitas is one of the most difficult routes that Cordoba has, and one of the most famous because you can visit the hermitage once you reach the highest part of the route, where you can enjoy not only the countryside, but also the climate of peace and harmony that is breathed in the hermitages.

Another of the most difficult routes is called Travesía III. This route is characterized by its passage through the Popea Baths, one of the most beautiful and charming places in the Cordovan mountains, which certainly should not be missed.

But they are not all high difficulty routes, we also have medium difficulty ones. One of the most famous is the route called Vereda de la Alcaidía y Linares. By doing this wonderful route you will be able to see and enjoy the Blue Lake of the Quarry. A lake visited by bathers in summer, where you can take a dip to cool down and remove a little heat from Cordoba.

Another moderate level route is the route called Ermitas+Conejera+Morales. A route of two hours where you can visit the hermitage of Cordoba going on a route with a little less difficulty and still enjoy the views and charm of the site.

Finally we have the routes of low difficulty level for people who are starting in this wonderful sport. Some of the most recommended routes of this level are:

Alcolea and back by the trialeras: This route is simple and reaches Alcolea, which is a neighborhood belonging to the municipality of Cordoba. A place where you can stop to rest in the middle of the route to have a drink or simply to know a little visited site due to the area in which it is. Another remarkable and simple route is the route Cordoba - Marchena, where the difficulty remains low and that ends in Seville. This route only lasts three and a half hours, so you can do a round trip by bike giving a little more intensity to the exercise, although the difficulty of this is simple.



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