Where to stay in Cádiz?

Staying in Cadiz is easy and everything is so close that it won’t be a headache. There are really amazing places where you can stay in and where you’ll have an incredible stay. Those places are the crown jewels of the city and Oway will introduce them to you, but there are also other options which are more economic for everyone. Cadiz has National paradors, hotels that are close to the Victoria beach, 18 th century ramshackle houses, old convents and 19 th century buildings. There are many amazing options which are full of serenity, history and comfort. It has great views, great location and excellent features. Get ready to enjoy.

Hotel Atlántico, an spectacular national parador | 4 stars

It is a modern, minimalist and amazing hotel which is very well situated and it is surrounded by bars, restaurants and places of interest. You can wake up while looking at the Atlantic Ocean or you can admire from the swimming pool of the parador how the sea and the horizon become one. It is the jewel of the crown for all the senses.

Address: Av. Duque de Nájera, 9
Telephone: 956 22 69 05
Website: https://www.booking.com/hotel/es/parador-atlantico.es.html

Hotel Playa Victoria | 4 stars

It is an urban hotel just in the Victoria beach. It is located next to the sea, so it has incredible views and a direct access to the golden sand of Cadiz. This hotel has a good location, comfort, good service and an exclusive style. It also contains an exterior swimming pool and a solarium also next to the beach. ¿What else can you ask for? It is difficult to make equal the features that this hotel presents. It is a window open to the pleasure.

Address: Glorieta Ing. la Cierva, 4
Telephone: 956 20 51 00
Website: https://www.palafoxhoteles.com/es/hoteles-en-cadiz/hotel-playa-victoria

Hotel Argantonio, the importance of details

It is a very warm hotel from Cadiz that has been reinvented after being a 18 th century small ramshackle house. It mixes three different styles which are the Moorish, the classic and the colonial. This hotel is a very charming place that takes care of all the details and that stands out due to its originality and personality. There’s a very important thing: there’s no architectural barriers.

Address: Calle Argantonio, 3
Telephone: 956 21 16 40
Website: https://www.hotelargantonio.com/es/index.php

Hospedería de Las Cortes, history and modernity

This is another wonder. Each room of this Hospedería is dedicated to an event or relevant personage of the stage of the Cortes de Cadiz of 1812. This charming hotel is situated in an elegant 19th century building, and in the heart of the historic quarter. They have a terrace on the roof that will allow you to enjoy the wonderful views of the city as if you were in the garden of your house. This hotel has an outstanding location, it pays attention to detail and it has that point of history that every traveler likes to know.

Address: Calle San Francisco, 9
Telephone: 956 22 04 89
Website: https://www.hotellascortes.com/

Convent of Santo Domingo, unique and with an ancient air

This is an old convent from the 17th century which belongs to the Order of the Dominicans. This convent is situated in the heart of the historic centre and it offers a unique accommodation that is very well located, just a few meters from the beach of Santa María del Mar. It also offers a large number of Baroque marble works that will make you stay quite special. It has an interior courtyard in an incredible monastery style, with lots of white, beautiful arches dominating the columns and red combinations that offer a great view. This convent is comfortable, you can breathe history and you will find serenity everywhere you look. In addition, they have a library with copies of the 17th and 18th century.

Address: Calle Santo Domingo, 2
Telephone: 956 20 07 38
Website: https://www.hotelconventocadiz.com/

Casa Caracol, where you will feel like home

This is more than a place to sleep. That’s how they define themselves. They organize getaways to fantastic beaches, they prepare international dinners every night, the promote yoga classes, open-air movie nights, surf lessons with local schools or barbecues In their attic with terrace which is probably the most beautiful and attractive part of the hostel. Regarding the rooms, they have private and shred rooms.

Address: Calle Suárez de Salazar, 4
Telephone: 956 26 11 66
Website: https://casacaracolcadiz.com/en/

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