Where to eat in Cádiz?

Cadiz is deliriously good to eat. Its nearness to the sea gives a different air to its rich gastronomic offer because fish sustains its pyramid of pleasure, and is the most and best used raw material for its heavenly preparations. But also the culinary side of Cadiz is nourished and is full of retinal meat of products from the garden. Besides, everything is close and the possibilities of tapas are infinite, although from Oway we want to take care of you and make easy the complex mission of finding the best place, so that your stay in Cadiz gets closer to the 10. Sublimate your holidays from the palate and the good taste. That's how we are.

Cumbres Mayores, the taste of Sierra de Aracena

This is the ideal place for tapas, with all the flavor of the Sierra de Aracena Park. Hams, sausages and the best Iberian meats will welcome you in a rustic place full of charm. All marinated with a good wine. You will also have the chance to taste the lamb chops, the "guarrito chico" and the great barbecue that they prepare. It is a pleasure of high flights.

Address: Calle Zorrilla, 4
Schedule: everyday from 12:30 to 16:30 and from 20:00 to 23:30
Telephone and website: 856 07 22 42 | https://www.mesoncumbresmayores.com/page/bienvenido

Ultramarinos Calle San José, a classic for snacks and snacks

It is a reference in the city and a place that will force you to grab a bite and ring so good that it will be all. You will have to come back. The dishes and portions combine tradition with touches of more original flavor, and with a more than interesting quality- price ratio. The menu is not very extensive, which favors that, with what there is, there is always a touch of excellence. Best place to recover after kicking the whole city, impossible.

Address: Calle Enrique de las Marinas, 2D
Schedule: everyday from 13:30 to 16:00 and from 20:30 to 23:00. Closed on Tuesday.
Telephone and website: 856 07 69 46 | https://www.ultramarynos.com

Casa Manteca, the temple of Cadiz tapas

It is one of the indispensable ones in our route of the tapeo and the pleasure. Located in the heart of the Barrio de La Viña, an authentic tavern emerges with strong Cadiz roots, ancient air with its decoration of the 50s, typical tapas and chacinas. One of its main dishes is chicharrones en lámina with lemon and salt, a very idiosyncratic delicacy from Cádiz. In Casa Manteca you will enjoy the essence of the local gastronomy.

Address: Calle Corralón de los Carros, 66
Schedule:everyday from 12 to 16h and from 20:30 to 0:30
Telephone and website:956 21 36 03 | https://www.facebook.com/tabernamanteca/

Excellent combination of stops, flavors, leisure and dishes.

Among the most outstanding points, this is the one dedicated to the meat of retinto, to the red tuna of season, and in general to the varied fish and seafood. It is a gastronomic spot that contains stalls that go from sushi to Argentine empanadas. Also, for lovers of different types of beer, there is a dedicated stand.

Address: Plaza de la Libertad
Horario: de 9 a 15:30h todos los días, salvo el domingo que tienen cerrado
Schedule: 956 21 41 91 | https://www.facebook.com/mercadocentradecadiz.decadiz

Mesón Criollo, Cadiz environment 100%

It is a very interesting place for the high concentration of locals and rarely frequented by tourists. It is a dynamic establishment, with art and an elaborated gastronomy that will delight your stay. In Mesón Criollo you will be able to taste a wide variety of fish and typical dishes from the bay of Cadiz, such as the shrimp omelet, which is particularly delicious.

Address: Calle Virgen de la Palma, 20
Schedule: from 12h to 16:00, and from 20:00 to 00:00 everyday (from July to September). Rest of the year closed on nights from Sunday to Wednesday.
Telephone and website: 956 22 71 27 | https://www.mesoncriollo.com/

DirtyBone, thought in order to live a doube life

It is an establishment with two opposing environments ideal for living that double life of which the title speaks. On the one hand, its beautiful and inviting terrace, a window open to the Bay, presided over by a fountain; and on the other, its interior with a more intimate atmosphere to dine in good company, with a more different and groundbreaking style. One of its main attractions in the form of a powerful dish is the veal rib "smoked style" roasted for 12 hours at low temperature. Also watch out for its lightly smoked scallops with tiger's milk and tapioca pearls. How wonderful!

Address: Paseo Alameda Marqués de Comillas, 5
Schedule:Monday to Friday from 20.00pm to 00.00pm. Saturday and Sunday from 13.30pm to 16.30pm and from 20.00pm to 00.00am
Telephone and website: 856 07 08 94 | dirtybonealameda.com

El Aljibe, traditional and modern Cadiz cuisine

It offers the best rice in town. Pure and simple. With a rustic air and classic furniture, this place appears in the heart of Cadiz with a distinctly Cadiz proposal combined in terms of tradition and creativity. Also it stands out the grouper puff pastry and the scrambled eggs of cod and potatoes from Sanlúcar. They also have an extensive wine cellar with more than 400 references.

Address: Calle Plocia, 25
Schedule: 11h to 00:00 every day with no interruption
Telephone and website: 956 26 66 56 | https://grupogrosso.wixsite.com/elaljibe

El Sonámbulo, spontaneity and freshness

It is a restaurant with a bohemian atmosphere and excellent food. It has a diaphanous space and freshness in its food. It is committed to local and seasonal products, its service ranges from vermouth time to dinners that are lengthened tasting their specialties molon or raw.

Address: Plaza Candelaria, 12
Schedule: from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., except on Fridays and Saturdays when the service is extended until midnight.
Telephone and website: 661 77 07 90 | https://www.sonambulocadiz.com/

El Faro, excellent in every way

It is an exclusive restaurant and one of the most prestigious in Cadiz. It has a good raw material, excellent cuisine and impeccable ambience. Tradition, territory and family come together in the Faro de Cádiz, an establishment that stands for its gastronomy, with up to three generations reinventing the meaning of tradition.

Address: Calle San Félix, 15
Schedule: everyday from 1pm to 4pm and from 8pm to 11pm.
Telephone and website: 956 21 10 68 | https://www.elfarodecadiz.com/

El Casino, simplicity and exclusivity in the same dish

It is a magnificent restaurant that combines many elements that will make your dining experience special: n exquisite interior courtyard in the neo-Mudejar style, a sophisticated atmosphere, excellent service and an original and innovative food that will delight your palate. A trip for your senses. It is the perfect place, a restaurant with a Michelin cherry, which also offers wines from its winery. Menu elaborated with a lot of care.

Address: Plaza de San Antonio, 15
Schedule: everyday from 1pm to 4pm. From Thursday to Fridays from 8pm to 11:30pm. Closed on Mondays.
Telephone and website: 856 076 928 | https://www.casinogrupovelez.com/restaurante/

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