Flower Square, Cadiz

Cadiz, not only surprises for its incredible beaches, but it also has an important history in which you will fall in love completely. Besides going to the beach, you can enjoy its incredible monuments, such as the cathedral, the breathtaking views from the Torre de Tavira, get lost in the narrow streets of the Pópulo neighborhood, take a free tour, enjoy the incredible sunsets of Cadiz, stroll along the promenade and enjoy the best beach bars where you will experience the gastronomy of Cadiz. 

In Cadiz, you will enjoy the thousands of plans to do, but do not forget to visit the Plaza de las Flores, where you will end up completely in love and you will not get bored, are you going to miss it? Keep reading to learn more information about this Plaza.

History of the Plaza de las Flores Cadiz

The urban enclave is characterized by colorful and popular flower stalls that occupy the central area and this is called the Plaza de las Flores. 

This square has a lot of life and especially during the famous and traditional Carnival festivities. During the carnival season, this square, together with the Plaza de la Libertad, are taken by the various street performances of the groups.

In 1930 the Post and Telegraph building was inaugurated, replacing the Church of the disappeared convent of the Descalzos and thus closing the Plaza de las Flores. This work was made of brick with decorative elements of glazed ceramic and that makes a contrast with the traditional architecture of the environment. This building is also an eclectic regionalist work. 

In 1746 the building number 1 was erected, with a typical Cádiz baroque façade framed by pilasters and stands out in the Plaza de las Flores the building number 12 which is a neoclassical work of Torcuato Benjumeda.

Monument to the person Lucio Junio Moderato Columela, in the Plaza de las Flores in Cadiz.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours to enter the Post Office building are from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. Saturdays are only open in the morning, from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm. This building cannot be visited on Sundays as it is closed

The flower market has the same opening hours as the post office, but if you want to stay until later, you can enjoy the surroundings of the square as it has several bars and restaurants and taste its exquisite Cadiz cuisine and the charm of the streets of Cadiz. 

One of the ways to visit this square is also going to it at night, enjoying its charm and the climate of Cadiz on a summer night and seeing its atmosphere, and falling in love with Cadiz and its charms at night.

Visit Prices

The entrance to the famous Post Office building located in the Plaza de las Flores, in the street “Plaza Topete”, is free of charge. Therefore, it is accessible to everyone, such as families, children or even people with reduced mobility. The place has several services such as air conditioning, access for animals, wc and wc adapted for people with reduced mobility. 

Visiting the Plaza de las Flores is also free, so it only has a price if we buy in the flower stalls or if we enter the bars or restaurants around the square. Enjoying the gastronomy of Cadiz in this square is not expensive, as it has a good value for money, so you cannot miss it and taste the fried fish in the typical bars of this square.

One of the emblematic things of this square, is to buy a bouquet of flowers and give it as a gift in the typical stalls that this square has and so you will have an incredible souvenir.

Its parts

One of the most important and outstanding parts of the square is its center. Here is located, in front of the popular and busy Columela Street, the monument to the person Lucio Junio Moderato Columela.

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The Plaza de las Flores is formed by an impressive urban space of triangular and elongated shape. Here we can find the Post Office building which is in its widest part and has a red brick construction and white parameters. This building is inspired by the avant-garde movements of the time and the exterior has an aesthetic of complex eclecticism.

One of the highlights are the flower stalls, which are located on both sides of the square and create a relaxed atmosphere.

We cannot forget that the square is also formed by numerous stores and cafes with their corresponding outdoor terraces and here you can find one of the most typical and popular fish fryers.

How to get to the Plaza de las Flores Cádiz

If we want to access the Plaza de las Flores, from the bus station of Cadiz is very close. 

If we go by car from the station, it is only 12 minutes away. You must drive along Avenida Campo del Sur, then take Avenida Cuesta de las Calesas, and continue along Calle Concepción Arenal and along Avenida Campo del Sur towards Calle Sagasta. Then, take Calle Sacramento towards Plaza Topete, which is where Plaza de las Flores is located.

Plaza de las Flores can also be reached by public transportation from the bus station. To find the correct bus stop, walk for 7 minutes until you reach Puertas de Tierra and then take Line 7 and get off at the Cathedral stop. Then walk for 4 minutes until you reach Plaza de las Flores. 

If you want to enjoy the incredible views and the streets of Cadiz, you can walk from the bus station to the Plaza de las Flores, as it is only 16 minutes’ walk and you can see the Cathedral Square.

Curiosities about the Plaza de las Flores Cádiz

One of the most important curiosities of this square is that it is one of the most emblematic public spaces of the town of Cadiz. In addition, it is not only known as the Plaza de las Flores, but also as the Plaza Topete.

Another curiosity is that it is in the heart of the historic center of Cadiz and is a few meters from the famous Mercado de Abastos and the impressive Cathedral Square. It is also close to the lively streets of Compañía, Columela, Barrié and Libertad. 

This square also stands out for being full of flower stalls, and also for having places where you can taste the gastronomy of Cadiz and get lost walking around it. Not only that, but it has a very good atmosphere and enjoy this square is a pleasure and an incredible memory of the city of Cadiz, which will make you return without any doubt. 

You cannot miss to go to this square, as it is full of colors and a good smell and atmosphere.

Parts of which the Plaza de las Flores in Cádiz is formed.