Where to buy in Cádiz?

Shopping in Cadiz is a great experience: not only for the mere and strict fact of acquiring products, which can please more or less depending on the person, but it also means contemplating the atmosphere, the colorfulness of its street map, the aroma of its markets and above all the kindness and art of its people, especially those who are dedicated to treating and serving the public. In addition, the environment helps because Cadiz has charm everywhere you look. This city has exclusive fashion boutiques, jewellery shops, select tapas restaurants, glamorous wine shops, ham shops that remove the hiccups and, in short, a large number of services within the reach of the traveler. Get ready to eat up Cadiz and go from top to bottom. Absolutely everything is going to please you.

El Chicuco, the festival of ham and wine

This is a major establishment in Cadiz, located in the Plaza de San Juan de Dios, where they sell typical products of the province and other delicacies for the palate. It has been updated and modernized due to the old aroma with the charm that it implies. In addition, El Chicuco has an attached bar where they serve the products on sale in the form of succulent tapas.
The ham is the key product. You just only have to take a look at the place whose walls testify the love and devotion towards this wonder of our cuisine. They can serve it and pack it for you the way you want and even they offer a cutting service with a ham that you can bring them. The success of their sales and their excellent hams lies in the fact that they have their own brand of Iberian hams, owned by the Manrique family, who cure and pamper them in Extremadura.
Another key product in El Chicuco are the wines with more than 200 references, most of them from Jerez or from Cadiz itself. Old and young wines, with more or less body, fruity, dry, brandies, fine in branch. All the varieties you can imagine will be at your fingertips.

Magerit, the wine’s house

Since this winery opened in 1999 in Fermín Salvochea Street, it has helped to spread the wine culture in Cadiz. this happened because of its good work, its criteria, its taste and its excellent variety in which you can find from sections dedicated to sherries, with a range of more than 100 references, to brandies, through label wines, from Jerez and from the Sierra de Cadiz. they also sell international wines and have launched a part that is dedicated to gins, the ones that are right now very fashionable. They are specialized in the wine of the gods from the kindness, the good treatment and the closeness.

Calles Columela y Compañía, the artery of the leisure

Columela Street is one of the most lively, dynamic and vibrant streets in Cadiz, and it is within what they call the golden mile of commerce, the one which also includes the Plaza del Palillero, Novena, Ancha, San Franscisco, Compañía and Pelota. Meters and meters of streets, of arteries in Cadiz, where you can walk, entertain and buy because you will find everything there. Whatever you can’t find in this area of leisure and amazing atmosphere you won’t probably find it anywhere in Cadiz. Shops, restaurants and tapas bars with excellent selections are part of the scene of the street with the most commercial tradition of the old town of Cadiz. Shops, restaurants and tapas bars with excellent choices are part of the street scene with more commercial tradition of the old town of Cadiz. brands of clothing, shoes, all kind of accessories, local of high tables and succulent tapas are hand in hand with balance, judgment and good taste. Your disconnection moment is called Calle Columela and Compañía.

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