How to get to Medina Azahara from Cordoba?

Cómo visitar Medina Azahara con niños

The history of the archaeological site of Medina Azahara began with Abderraman III. He decided to build a city away from the capital, between 936 and 976. Its main function was to house both administrative work and residential life belonging to the caliphate. Layout of the city is characterised by its height, where the city […]

The 7 most photogenic places in Cordoba

Los 7 lugares más fotogénicos de Córdoba

Cordoba, with centuries of history inside, is one of the favorite places (both on the national and international scene) when choosing holiday destination. A truly unique city, whose image leaves those who visit it breathless. Would you be able to pass through Cordoba and not take a photo report on your mobile? If you are […]

The best coffee shops in Cordoba

Las mejores cafeterías de Córdoba

Cordoba, the city where you can make various plans , and tours also has the best cafes to enjoy the different flavors, smells and aromas. …. You can not miss this experience of tasting the best coffee shops in Cordoba. If you are a coffee or pastry lover, Cordoba has to offer several cafes where […]

The 4 Best Sunsets in Córdoba


We are in front of one of the reference cities of Andalusia and Spain for tourists. Perhaps it is because of its beautiful architecture, the Andalusian air, the joy of its people or its rich gastronomy; but what is clear is that Cordoba wins everyone’s heart who visit it. In addition to its famous Mosque-Cathedral or […]

Where to store luggage in Córdoba

Consignas de Córdoba imagen detallada con equipaje

In your visit to the city you may feel your suitcase as a burden, that is why the lockers in Cordoba are becoming more and more important, serving not only to leave the luggage, but to store what is not essential in your visit to the city. Luggage storage companies in Cordoba In Cordoba there […]

Tourist Offices in Cordoba

Puesto de información turística de la Plaza de Tendillas Córdoba

Cordoba is a city with a special magic, full of tradition and culture. You really shouldn’t miss this city with its narrow streets and flowers everywhere. Although it seems small, it is full of hidden corners, all with a special magic. In addition, its monuments are full of history and legends that you need to […]

The best gifts and souvenirs from Cordoba

We all like to take home some souvenirs of all our trips, and I assure you that you will want to remember the city of Córdoba, as it enchants all who visit it.  We always leave the souvenirs for the last moments of the trip, but they are something very important. We should think about […]

The best places to cool down in Cordoba

With the arrival of the good weather we begin to feel like swimming or lying on a towel spread out to sunbathe. If you are in Córdoba during the summer, spending a day in the water is not impossible. Cordoba has a wide variety of freshwater spots throughout the province that will make you forget […]