Guide of Cordoba

Wonder for the senses

Cordoba is a wonder for the senses, one of the enclaves which best unites and embraces the past and the modernity. The city was declared a World Heritage Site in 1994, and not too many cities have such a rich and precious historic center and living legacy. Walls, palaces, remains, museums, cathedrals, castles, squares, courtyards, bridges and mosques merge into an incomparable landscape with the Guadalquivir river crossing and bathing the city and being an unbreakable part of it.

For all this and more, Córdoba is captivating and irresistible. It is unavoidable to visit for the culture, history, gastronomy and the aromas. A city that invites to take photographs while strolling around the famous Calleja de las flores, where you will feel the irrepressible desire of taking wonderful pictures.

The number of attractions is overwhelming. The majestic Mosque-cathedral, jewel of the past splendor of Al-Andalus, as well as the Jewish quarter with the synagogue, the Medina Azahara remains (an ancient city-palace), the Alcazar of the Christian monarchs, The Palace of Viana and other similar places full of flowers; the Cristo de los Faroles or the Roman Bridge. Everything is perfect to be visited and contemplated. Don’t forget different and interesting exhibitions like Pasión y duende del caballo andaluz, an equestrian spectacle that show us the richness and diversity of Córdoba, or just to get lost in the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter.
And to finish up your visit, you can climb up to the Hermitage and discover the wonderful views of the city from the mountains, the perfect place to relax and fall in love with the landscape. In addition, we could add some other attractions like the culinary offer, for example the famous Mercado Victoria, the first gastronomy market in Andalucía. Specially getting lost and wandering around the old town for no other reason than to enjoy and be impressed by its beauty.

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