Where to stay in Cordoba?

The best areas to stay in Cordoba are located in the center but, being a relatively small city and with short distances, it would not be an obstacle to stay in more perimeter areas. The ideal is to stay in the Jewish Quarter and the modern center although it is also true that they are more expensive areas. However, we propose an offer that is adjusted to the needs and possibilities of each traveler and their purchasing power. But staying in Cordoba is not expensive in general and everything is well connected with public transport and even to cover it on foot.

In this post we propose you the best areas and hotels to stay in Cordoba, at affordable prices for each pocket and with detailed information. Once we have told you what to eat, what to visit, what to buy and what are the charms of the city, what better to know in which areas to locate so your trip is round. This is the proposal we make from OWAY, from more to less demanding comfort and glamour (all recommendations being remarkable up).

Hospes Hotel, a place in the center of the city | 5 stars superior

For the most demanding travelers. An oasis of glamour, luminosity, luxury and extraordinary plasticity in the center of Córdoba. An authentic place in the form of a hotel. Of exquisite taste, with palatial rooms, chiseled walls and open spaces that transmit restlessness and tranquility thanks to the presence of fruit trees and aromatic plants. It is a palace house with centuries of history.

Address: Calle Ramírez de las Casas Deza, 10-12
Telephone: 957 49 89 93
Web site: https://www.hospes.com/palacio-bailio/

Eurostars Palace Hotel; views, comfort and sophistication | 5 stars

Another reference to stay in the city. Hotel recognized and prestigious, designed for clients with a taste for the exclusive, luxurious and edgy. Located between the modern city and the old town, it gives off comfort, good views (from the seventh floor there are splendid panoramic views of the Guadalquivir and the Sierra Morena) and sophistication.

Adress: Paseo de la Victoria
Telephone: 957 76 04 52
Website: https://www.eurostarshotels.com/eurostars-palace.html

Hotel Casas de la Judería, best impossible situation | 4 stars

Another privileged enclave. In full Jewish quarter, in front of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos and 200 meters from the Mosque-Cathedral. This hotel is the union of 5 palace houses that were adapted over time to turn it into a singular place, with charm and all the features so that the traveler has the best of the stays.

Adress: Calle Tomás Conde, 10
Telephone: 957 202 095
Website: https://www.lascasasdelajuderiadecordoba.com/

Córdoba Center Hotel, 360º panoramic views of the city | 4 stars

Although it is hard to believe, it is possible to have a 360º view of the city, the Sierra and the Cordovan countryside from the hotel's terrace and pool. It is located in the Golden Apple, in the heart of business and leisure, and with quick access to the historic center. In addition to the panoramic views, Fitness Center, outdoor Jacuzzi, piano bar and modern convention center.

Adress: Av. de la Libertad, 4
Telephone: 957 75 80 00
Website: https://www.hotelescenter.es/hotel-cordoba-center/

Córdoba Center Hotel, modernity and adaptability | 3 stars

Located in the heart of the city center, in the old Jewish quarter of the city, near Plaza de la Corredera and Plaza del Potro. It is an ideal hotel to stay, with train and bus stations a 15-minute walk away. With modern style rooms, cafeteria service and private parking with direct access to the hotel.

Adress: Calle Jesús María, 8
Telephone: 957 49 78 50
Website: https://www.hotel-cordobacentro.es/

Selu Hotel, care and mime to touch of the Mosque | 3 stars

Also located in the center and near the Mosque. It is a magnificent complex whose privileged coordinates allow the greatest enjoyment and access to some of the main monuments and attractions of the city. Careful and modern decoration, breakfast buffet and communal areas full of comfort and relaxation.

Address: Calle Eduardo Dato, 7
Telephone: 957 47 65 00
Website: https://www.hotelselu.com/

Bed and B, un hostel singular

It is in a historical block of neighbours of the 30s that has been converted into a single tourist accommodation in one of the main arteries of Córdoba. All care, with an unpolluted white facade, many flowers, elegance and simplicity in the interior, and common areas that fill the eye with the naked eye. It has private rooms with 2 beds, and shared rooms with 4 and 8 bunk beds. All share a love and care for style and design.

Address: Calle José Cruz Conde, 22
Telephone: 661 42 07 33
Website: https://www.bedandbe.com/

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