Where can you eat in Cordoba?

Salmorejo (tomato and bread cream with dices of ham and eggs), bull´s tail, flamenquín (fried meat roll with ham), Spanish jamon ibérico of los Pedroches , alcachofas (artichokes) a la montillana…the problem will be to decide what to eat and where for a good meal with so much quality. And finally a pastel cordobés ( typical cordoban pie with puff pastry of pumpkin). There is a high variety in Cordoba: the most traditional restaurants where you can eat the typical tapas, or locals where you can enjoy the avant-garde cuisine. That is why we want to make yor life easier, aiming with our recomendations to make the most of your trip.

La Taberna El Abanico, tradition with a bit of innovation

It is one of the most distinguished places in Calleja de las Flores (Flowers Alley), few metres from the Mosque-Cathedral. You can eat the traditional tapas from Cordoba, but with some innovation. The walls are filled with carnations, in the same way as the famous street. Es uno de los vecinos más ilustres de la Calleja de las Flores, a pocos metros de la Mezquita-Catedral. It is one of the most beautiful corners inside the historic district; new and dynamic restaurant with affordable prices. Salmorejo, stewed oxtail, fried potatoes, fried fish, grilled fish…There are many specialities. Don´t forget to try the desserts: highly recommended if you enjoy chocolate.

Bar Santos, the most famous bit of Spanish omelette.

It is a typical place where the most typical Spanish omelette in Cordoba is served next to a side of the Mosque. But at the same time so complicated and meritorious of doing. Apart from the specialty in tortilla wedges (very generous in as for volume), we found another version gratin with aioli, tapas deer and an economic menu proposal. And if the place is full, always you can take the lid and go outside to taste it while contemplating the Mosque wall. The site is privileged.

Address: Calle Magistral González Francés 3
Hours: From 10 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. every day, except Saturday and Sunday that start the day from 11h.
Telephone and website: 957 89 32 20 | https://www.tabernabarsantos.com/

Taberna del Rio, avant-garde and tradition turn into flavor

With this powerful slogan this restaurant is presented and does so from a sensational enclave: the banks of the river Guadalquivir. Its terrace has been recognized as the best in the city, and the views of the most Roman Cordoba are priceless. From the typical flamenquines and salmorejo to the auteur dishes, everything is intermingled with sense and taste at this fantastic place. A gastronomic experience in Cordoba

Address: Calle Enrique Romero de Torres 7
Hours: From 12h to 00:00 every day
Telephone and website:957 47 85 19 | https://latabernadelrio.com/

Casa Pepe de la Judería, fame and tradition since 1930

His fame precedes t since 1930. Tavern with tradition, rustic chairs and imposing lounge that turns out to be as a meeting point between the roots of the Cordovan kitchen and a more personal auteur gastronomic proposal. From this mixture arises what they call High Market Cuisine. It has one of the most imposing views of the bell tower of the Mosque.

Dirección: Calle Romero 1
Hours: From 12:30h to 16:00, and from 19:30 until 23:00 every day.
Telephone and website: 957 20 07 44 | https://restaurantecasapepedelajuderia.com/

Bodegas Campos, food, wine and magic

With more than a century of history, its origins were dedicated to the ageing of Montilla Moriles wine. Located in the Old Town and famous for its cellars, barrels and rustic appearance, it has been visited by celebrities such as Tony Blair or the Duchess of Alba. They highlight the salmorejo, the oxtail and the eggplants with honey. Some of those who have tried say that it has been the best they have tasted in time

Address: Calle Lineros 32
Hours:: From 13:30h to 16:30, and from 19:00 to 23:00
Telephone and website: 957 497 500 | https://www.bodegascampos.com/

Restaurant El Churrasco, a reference in the Jewish Quarter

Another classic located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. At the same time that the establishment evolved, so did its cuisine until it now has a wide range of meats (its specialty) as well as vegetables, fish and seafood, always emphasizing seasonal and autochthonous products. Traditional tavern

Address: Calle Romero 16
Hours: De 13h a 16h, y de 20:30 a 00:00
Telephone and website: 957 29 08 19 | https://elchurrasco.com/

Noor Restaurant, avant-garde and minimalism with Star

This is the personal project of Paco Morales, presented on his return to the kitchens of his hometown with a Michelin star. In Noor, not only does the day-to-day life of Andalusian cuisine palpitate, but innovation and creativity also come together because Noor has an R&D space where new dishes are approached from fresh and dynamic perspectives. A jewel for the palate

Address: Calle Pablo Ruiz Picasso 8
Hours: From 13:30 to 15:30, and from 20:30 to 22:30
Telephone and website: 957 101 319 | https://noorrestaurant.es/

Choco Restaurant, a story about Andalusia

‘Cooking’ Andalusia in all senses. This is how the project of the renowned chef Kisko García was born and presented. It aims to trace a sensory and aromatic journey through the south, extracting with care the flavors of each region and transferring them to the dish in a clear tribute to Andalusian culture. Some of his main commandments are the use of local and seasonal products, the flavor as the core of his work, and promote sustainability from organic products.

Address: Calle Compositor Serrano Lucena 14
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 13:00 to 15:30, and from 20:30 to 22:30; on Sundays, there is no evening service. And on Mondays they close.
Telephone and website: 957 264 863 | https://www.restaurantechoco.com/

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