Where to buy in Cordoba?

In Cordoba you can visit shopping areas, as if they were places or monuments to get lost: souks, markets and spaces full of crafts and goldsmiths. In addition to being a reference city for its monuments and for being the heart of Al-Andalus, you can eat great as in all the locations of the Andalusian geography and besides, you can spend a few hours buying handmade products in the beautiful patios that make the delights of the visitors. It is difficult to find spaces in Córdoba that are not beautiful or that do not have a careful architecture or design.

Main commercial streets; Gondomar and Cruz Conde.

Both streets, Gondomar and Cruz Conde, are among the busiest zones in the city. In them we can find multiple establishments of different types, cafeterias, restaurants, pharmacies, and the significant presence of stores of leading brands such as Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Parfois, and many more.

Meryan, Crafts in its pure state

Entering already in matter, we found the Meryan, with the best leathers of Cordoba, in the Calleja de las Flores. It is a specialized site in Cordoba and Guademecí. In fact, you can see how the artisans work with care and dedication the leather in a beautiful Cordovan courtyard house. The cordovan is the tanned goat or goat leather, of great quality and usually tanned with sumac, which is the plant that provides the leather with that superior and differential quality with respect to the use of other vegetable dressings, such as oak bark or Pine tree. A soft, durable and flexible leather is achieved, and it is quoted upwards for the production of a large number of objects. In fact, it has been used since medieval times to make luxurious shoes and gloves.

The Artisan Souk, product and local talent in an idyllic setting.

In addition, we find the craft souk, behind the bullfighting museum. It is one of the corners that every traveler should keep in mind and more if it is moving through the Jewish quarter. Also known as the Handicraft Market, it is one of the most characteristic sites where local crafts are promoted, disseminated and supported. Framed within the historical center and surrounded by trees, stands a new patio with many flowers and usually guitarists entertaining the ride and enjoyment.

In Pedro's house, where the senses are filled

And finally, it is impossible not to stop at Casa del Pedro Ximenez, the most famous sweet wine of the peninsula, a dressing of so many dishes of our spectacular and rich gastronomy. Approaching your home, to your headquarters, is interesting not only to buy your already mentioned sweet wine, but also some of the extra virgin olive oils from the Cordoba countryside. From his latest trend (the young PX without barrel) to the PX with more years of barrel. And also all the news of their products delicatessen in the form of jams, pates, sweets and jams. It has several stores located by the Jewish quarter. You can also make visits and guided tastings, and even invite you to a free tasting of their wines. They show you how to obtain it, what is Pedro Ximenez and the secrets of its elaboration through a tour of its winery-museum. Interesting and indicated above all for those who love winemaking and who have concerns about the most characteristic products that irrigate our cuisine.

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