What to do in Cordoba?

The possibilities to enjoy Cordoba are endless and varied. What is clear is that there is a set of essential attractive for its meaning, beauty and uniqueness. Others, depending on availability and time, can be left for a second time. Thus, there is always an open door to return to a city as magical as Cordoba.
There are few places that represent the Andalusian idiosyncrasy so faithfully: beauty, joy and aroma can be appreciated in every corner of its streets and monuments. The charms of Cordoba are to be enjoyed both in winter and summer, and that is why, from Oway, we are going to tell you some of its secrets and recommended places.

Equestrian show, passion and goblin

You cannot miss the show of power and goblin of the Andalusian horse. It is a spectacle of 70 exciting minutes in which elements of the most classic and Andalusian horse riding are perfectly combined with those of the high school. In turn, they connect and intermingle with the history and equestrian tradition of the city. Power, sophistication, elegance and impact for the viewer.

Mosque at night, the soul of Córdoba

If the Mosque-Cathedral is already a scandal for the senses during the day, imagine at night when, through the advanced technology of lighting, sounds and projections, you get an almost unique atmosphere. In fact, the profound knowledge of the monument continues to be transferred, although with a spectacular extra. The passes of the visit are made permanently throughout the year and with a maximum capacity of 100 people, so that you can feel like a privileged person when contemplating such a singularity in a much reduced environment.

Alcazar and its magical nights

One might think that the Alcazar, without the sun radiating all the flowers of its garden, could lose majesty. But the opposite: the spectacle of water, light and sound in the Alcázar de Córdoba is a delight for the senses. It is about knowing and approaching the dimension of this great jewel from a different and completely spectacular way. Do not miss it, it's worth it.

Victoria Market, the one of enjoyment

It is the first gastronomic market to open its doors in Andalucia, already in 2013. It is a space in which culture, leisure and obviously gastronomy align almost perfectly. It has more than 20 stalls in which you can taste from the best cuisine from Cordoba to the most sophisticated and traditional Spanish, passing through the best international dishes. Oysters, Iberian, cheeses, wines. Sublime for the palate. In addition, they have terraces in the gastronomic space for a good coffee or cocktail.

Cocktail on the terrace of the Sojo Ribera

Located in the heart of Cordoba, it is one of the best places to go through Cordoba. It has stunning views, a heady atmosphere and great music. It closes at 4:00 in the evening but it is ideal to savor this place in any part of the day. There is always a special moment to have a cocktail and take beautiful photos: either after lunch, when the sun goes down or when the night takes over the city.

Climb to the hermitages of Cordoba

About 15 kilometers from the city, in the foothills of Sierra Morena, the Ermitas rise up. Founded in the 18th century, they were a place of recollection and ascetic life since the Middle Ages. Within the precinct has located a magnificent viewpoint that allows to see all of Córdoba in its splendor. It is worth the climb to enjoy the city from another perspective.

Castle of Almodóvar, the scent of the medieval

We continue with the Castle of Almodóvar, also called Castillo de la Floresta, built on top of a mountain, from where you also have a fantastic view of Cordoba. It is about experiencing an exciting journey back in time to the Middle Ages and contemplating its towers, dungeons and courtyard. Going to its balconies, with all the majestic elevation of the mountain, is like taking a look at the past and feeling like a soldier or a king in a fortification. In fact, the popular series Game of Thrones took advantage of the appropriate backdrop to record its seventh season and represent the Altojardín, the headquarters of Casa Tyrell, and also the underground Casterly Rock with different scenes from the dungeons.

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