What to do in Granada?

You have several possibilities to enjoy Granada and all of them are really enriching because Granada is the city of charm and magic. The first thing to do is let yourself go through the Albaicín district, with its viewpoint of San Nicolás, and its narrow and exhilarating white streets. Good views increase as we continue up to Sacromonte, a tremendously picturesque neighborhood with colorful small houses and it will give you the feeling that the time has stopped at some point. In this extravagant and charming neighbourhood, which is extremely unique, you will find the Abbey and several caves where you can enjoy a flamenco zambra show.

There is also the relaxed option of walking around the city from its most central position, visiting the different "teterías" of Elvira Street. While you walk, you enjoy its monuments and you can get a good ice cream from Los Italianos and at the same time you allow yourself to be seduced by the festive, pleasant and familiar atmosphere of its streets and people. While you fill your roadmap with experiences, there will always be room for good tapas in any of the places that we recommend from Oway. And aside from the most popular menu, you will find a landscape and more interesting travel possibilities in Sierra Nevada, either related or not to its ski resort. Finally, a visit that can really interesting as well is the one around the little beautiful towns of the Granada’s Alpujarra. These have Berber dyes and with singularities at every step. Granada is made to be visited, tasted and contemplated. What are you waiting for?

Zambra flamenca in Sacromote

One of the things you have to do is to watch Granada's flamenco show in a cave in the Sacromonte neighbourhood, the gypsy neighbourhood of Granada par excellence. It is a place on the top of the city that seems to live unconnected to everything. It has caves in the form of caves adapted and they have been renovated to be able to accommodate flamenco shows of all kinds. It is for sure a different and interesting experience. In this case the zambras are very traditional flamenco dances of Granada where guitar, singing and passion are mixed.

A sunset in San Nicolas

From the viewpoints of San Nicolás and San Miguel el Alto you can enjoy and admire one of the best views of Granada. Watching the sunset from these natural watchtowers is one of the best things to do in this charming city. It's a place where time stops, with the Alhambra and the peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the background, and the city at your feet. It has a quiet and intoxicating environment that favors the enjoyment from the benches located in the viewpoint of San Nicolas. They are the benches of visual joy. You will not regret it.

“Teterías” in Elivira street or in Caldería Nueva

Infusions, teas and Arabic gastronomy. This is what you will find in many of the tea shops located in these streets of the city of Granada. It is a pedestrian street with this type of establishments with a marked Arabic accent, next to Moorish craft shops, where you can taste Moorish pastries and delicious and exotic Arab teas for the palate.

Enjoy the ski resort of Sierra Nevada

Only half an hour from the city of Granada, it's a mountain sports paradise with more than 100 kilometres of slopes, snow, abundant sunshine, privileged views and an incomparable skiing environment. It is the perfect place to practice all snow sports. It is also a meeting point for lovers of snow that each year is filled with parishioners who enjoy the quality of the facilities of this reference station in the European concert. The fun is guaranteed for families and couples. However, you don’t always need skis, you can also enjoy the nature and landscapes of Sierra Nevada with a route of snowshoes (depending on the season). Make this tour with a polar lining, sunglasses, mountain boots and plenty of water. It is a place that undoubtedly offers many possibilities due to its rich landscape.

The towns of the Alpujarra of Granada

The Alpujarra is a valley located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. It offers a great variety of spectacular landscapes, surrounded by white villages of marked Berber style connected by routes that will encourage hiking and leisure to contemplate all its possibilities. Locations like Lanjarón, famous for the water, with its springs, or Órgiva, a wonderful white enclave with two twin towers of the sixteenth century that preside over the canvas. There is also Pampaneira, the most picturesque village in the Alpujarra, with its narrow white streets and craft shops, as well as Pitres and Trévelez, possibly the highest village in Spain. It is a joy to see a totally white village, with a mosque and Moorish influence, standing on a beautiful green valley and with an ascending and almost perfect structure. Enjoy the uniqueness and idiosyncrasy of each of the villages of the wonderful Alpujarra of Granada.

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