Where to buy in Málaga?

The best and most recommendable option to buy in Malaga is to go through the historical part of the city centre until you find Larios Street, the most emblematic, large, symbolic and colorful commercial artery of the city. The scenery is composed by great brands, restaurants, ice-cream parlors and establishments of all kinds in which there are always people wandering, watching, walking, contemplating and buying. It is a place of great tradition that, depending on the season and the festivity, changes its appearance and varies the theme of its setting. You will find also in the streets Especerías and Cisneros of Malaga traditional establishments that still survive due to the sale of pieces, suits and ornaments with charm, of dyes flamencos and specialized for festivities like the fair of Malaga. Oway recommends these main commercial arteries of a city full of possibilities and attractions.

Larios Street, the commercial heart

It is one of the main arteries of the city. It is an extremely emblematic street and a meeting point for many people under a large awning that extends in summer so that the sun is not an obstacle in the purchases of locals and travelers. At Christmas, on the other hand, it is a spectacle of lights and colors with a beautiful lighting. During the Fair of Malaga the lights are also exhibited with greatness and it has a beautiful decoration and a great revelry. Along this street are located exclusive brands and shops. With a long commercial tradition, Larios Street is an compulsory stop. Besides numerous fashion shops, there are bars, ice-cream parlors, terraces and a fabulous and festive atmosphere. It is an extensive street that connects the sea with the nerve centre of Malaga. In 2002, it became a pedestrian street and in this way revitalized commerce.

The shops of the “duende”

They are located in the streets Especerías and Cisneros, and we are referring to establishments that sell flamenco costumes and hats, pieces and ornaments very typical of the region. Especerías is a short street whose name dates back to the period of the Catholic Monarchs, who assigned streets to certain guilds. Originally, in Especerías, as its name indicates, spices were sold although there was also evidence of the sale of other products. One of the most iconic shops in this street is the Pedro Mira hat shop, inaugurated in 1880 and currently run by Francisco López, who has been in charge of this establishment for many generations. We can conclude that this hat shop has been protecting heads in Malaga for a century. It is a symbol of resistance to the modern industry of one of one of those traditional stores. It is also true that it has evolved and that it has been able to adapt to the new times also selling hats, belts, straps, canes, castanets and gloves. Diversify in order to live. It is a particularly good time when the Malaga fair or the pilgrimages are celebrated because it is when sales rebound, as well as when tourists come to let themselves be drunk by the products of a lifetime. In Cisneros you will also find shops selling flamenco dresses that will delight the traveller and those most interested in this typically Andalusian folklore.

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