What to do in Malaga?

You have a fascinating variety of activities and leisure in the city of Malaga. From taking a route through the museums to walking peacefully along Pier One to enjoy fried fish. This magical place also offers great views from privileged and very high places like the roof of the AC Hotel Malaga Palacio and the roofs of the Cathedral. In addition, its charms extend throughout the province with a large number of charming, white, unpolluted villages, set in valleys, coquettes and tremendously unique, where you can buy crafts typical of the region.

Malaga is a museum city: it has a great cultural density per square meter and this is a wonder for any tourist with worries. There are 4 large and up to 36 in the global computation. It's one of the best hobbies that the city has to offer. It also offers walks through the old marine district of Pedregalejo, visits to its monuments; you can also eat on its terraces, bathe in its beaches and travel a charming city where all the main points are located in the historic center.

Malaga, city of museums

How do you feel if we tell you that Malaga offers at least 36 museums? And the most remarkable thing is that most of them are located within its historic centre. It is undoubtedly one of the cities with the most culture per square metre on the international scene. Four stand out in terms of fame, exhibited works and capacity: Picasso, Pompidou, Russian and Thyssen. The first one is located in the beautiful Buenavista Palace and it has 232 works distributed in 11 rooms that will allow you to discover one of the best painters of contemporary art in history. The Pompidou is the first one outside French territory. It is located in the so-called "Malaga Cube" and you will find works by artists such as Bacon, Frida Khalo or Kandinsky. Furthermore, the Russian Museum is located in the old tobacco factory of the city and represents the artistic union between Russian and Andalusian art through works of five centuries. Lastly, we have the glamour of the Thyssen, with priceless jewels by artists such as Joaquín Sorolla or Ricard Canals.

Walk around Pier One

An elegant, dynamic and commercial entrance to the sea in the form of a dock with great views within the Port of Malaga, considered one of the oldest, with about 3,000 years old. In fact, it is the second terminal with more cruises in Spain. In this Pier One, which enters the sea surrounded by palm trees that walk side-by-side, apart from offering wonderful panoramic views of the beach, contains a mall. This shopping center has numerous bars and restaurants, as well as shops and boutiques to spend the day looking, buying, eating and seeing the sea as the main element of attraction and magnet. Opened in 2011, it has become one of the most lively and idiosyncratic parts of the city. Not only because of its commercial offer but also because it hosts events, concerts and handicraft markets.

The roof of the Cathedral and its views at dusk

It is possible to climb to the top of this monument and access to its vaults to contemplate the views of the city. The visit lasts half an hour, enough time to see, admire the panoramic view and take photos to remember. The best time is at dusk, when the sun goes down, and you can see how the city melts with orange tones. At night it's not bad either, with everything illuminated. It is an independent route from the Cathedral, with different prices and access.

Market of Atarazanas, colorful, products and good atmosphere

It is a frenetic place full of dynamism and interesting stops where you can find very good local products and even taste tapas. It is a zone that begins to acquire much bustle and notoriety as far as gastronomic tasting is concerned. The Central Market of Malaga is also a point of tourist interest in itself, far beyond the products it offers. It is a building of metallic architecture with large, colourful windows in the interior that without doubt represent one of the great attractions. It was built in 1879 and it has an impressive main door in Arabic and marble style. The market is open from Monday to Saturday until 14:00 noon in the centre of Malaga.

“Pescaíto frito” in the Pedregalejo

This place is an old sailor’s quarter in the eastern part of the city. It is the perfect area to wander and get lost although you should always keep in your mind a destination and an objective: ending up trying the delicious sardines in the shore of the Pedregalejo‘s beach. It is interesting to get to know the sailor tradition of its streets and the architecture of a modest and simple fishermen’s quarter. Its long walks, full of “chiringuitos” with the best fish dishes are a mandatory visit when you come to Malaga.

A drink while watching the harbor

The AC Hotel Málaga Palacio offers, from its incredible roof, the possibility to have a drink in the evening with views of the Cathedral and the harbor. Or even at night with everything illuminated. The height of the roof of this hotel allows fantastic panoramic views to relax and let yourself be enchanted by the good atmosphere. It is one of the most fashionable places in Malaga. At the entrance of the hotel, you take out the tickets with the right to drink and then ascend to the top to spend a very good time relaxing.

A province to be gone all over

The province of Malaga is full of charming little villages with a great number of singularities. To begin with, it is interesting to trace the route of almost 8 kilometers of “Caminito del Rey”, a rehabilitated gorge in which you walk along footbridges at 100 meters high. It is not suitable for people with a lot of vertigo but the visual snapshots that you can store on your mental and physical hard drive will be incredible. It is definitely a unique experience. Nerja, another small town, also offers attractions in the form of caves. This rocky place where cave paintings were found more than 40,000 years old is one of the great wonders of the peninsula. This town has been declared of cultural interest since it is a treasure for archaeology. However, Nerja is also a beautiful municipality, where the famous "Verano Azul" series was recorded, with a great coastal charm, ideal for spending the day. To this list of treasures we can also add Frigiliana, a beautiful village of white houses adorned with flowerpots and geraniums, with paved pavement and where you are able to notice a clear past Muslim trace. It is a small, charming and special place. Finally, we recommend Ronda, which is for a lot of people the sweetest and most attractive town in the province of Malaga. Not only for its imposing gorge but also for its two souls: the Arab and the most modern. Monuments, a great natural waterfall and an imperial bridge complete the beautiful picture of this town.

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