Guide of Ronda

For many, it is the sweetest, most magical and attractive town in the province of Málaga.

Surrounded by white villages that dot the surroundings and nestled between mountains and mountain ranges, it emerges a small town of 40,000 inhabitants that combines nature with culture and the charm of its people. Its impressive gorge, turned into a magnificent natural watchtower to contemplate its views, is one of its main tourist attractions. An impressive jump of more than 100 meters of height that divides the city. Ronda turns out to have a dual soul: it has an Arab part and a more modern and updated part. In the old one, the streets are narrowed, the special corners are crowded and there are dozens of white houses inhabited for centuries by Arabs and Christians. On the other hand, in the new one the restaurants and the modern spaces are crowded.

It is also interesting the neighborhood of San Francisco, one of the most authentic places in Ronda where its past traces can be seen. Monuments, contact with the purity of the surroundings, charming people and good food complete a first X-ray of Ronda. We cannot forget its perfect location: just 45 minutes from the Costa del Sol and an hour and a bit more from beautiful cities such as Seville, Cordoba, Granada or Cadiz. Ronda may not be just a magnificent ending or a colophon to your stay in Andalusia. It doesn’t have to end and it can be followed by a long, productive and pleasant holiday in the south of the peninsula.

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