Where to buy in Ronda?

In Ronda you’ll find the perfect places to go shopping, whether clothes stores with the latest fashions, food stores with cheese, pork and wine, restaurants to eat or eat a snack and traditional establishments that represent faithfully the talented footprint of Ronda. La Calle de la Bola, which is known by that name, has as a real name “Carrera Espinel”. Some of the most important points that best channel trade and leisure in Ronda are La Calle de la Bola, La Calle Jerez, the area of the Alameda and Calle Armiñán.

Calle de La Bola and its comercial rush

It is popularly known by that name although the street is called Carrera Espinel and is located in the area of "El Mercadillo". To the north of the old town, there is this commercial artery of the city with infinity of franchises, hustle and bustle, good atmosphere and some traditional shops that still provide their differential value. It receives the popular name of "La Bola" as an allusion to what some children did after a great snowfall in Ronda. This is a long and wide pedestrian street of approximately one kilometre long, which is divided into nine sections. You will find clothes stores, shops of all kinds, numerous restaurants and other more traditional remains that sell quality local product.
Among the many shops, one stands out for its originality: El Pensamiento which is an establishment that sells a kind of original and antique toys for adults that arouse the imagination. There are many curiosities within the reach of the traveler who allows himself to fall for this street of La Bola that is always alive. The main fashion and gastronomy chains have taken control but there are still spaces of originality and local singularity.
It can also be appreciated the buildings of more traditional styles, others with the typical Ronda forge balconies and important and eye-catching stone porticoes. Everything has a place and everything is mixed with sense, rationality and charm. The street beats to the rhythm of the most classic Ronda, with its houses from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and its stately coats of arms appearing on some facades.

Calle Armiñán and its surroundings

This is an artery where you can find many typical tourist souvenir shops that always cheer up and entertain a part of our trips, trying to find that detail to please the ones closest to us. This street is located in the historic and monumental area of Ronda known as "La Ciudad". It is the longest and most important one in the old sector. It divides the old part into two parts. It starts from the iconic New Bridge and extends, including the slope and pronouncing in its final part, to the old walls surrounding the city. There are constant changes of alignment and small squares. Here we can find many gift shops, as we said before, also museums and restaurants of all kinds to adapt to the increasingly demanding and numerous demands. It is an artery of passage also to visit some of the outstanding places of Ronda.
You can also find traditional shops with a lot of charm such as ArtesamArt, a small establishment that emphasizes the value of handmade products, made by more than 70 people in the area who carve with great care and dedication. They don’t only offer wood, but also leather and a variety of other products. In addition, you can learn about the history and tradition of Ronda through a kind of interpretative panels in the local. They even offer workshops.
However, the positive thing is to let oneself be magnetized by the city and the charm of its streets. Walk through them with no more haste than the need to taste everything within your reach and stop at every traditional and also merely commercial corner of Ronda.

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