What to do in Ronda?

It is a place that offers a huge number of options. You can wander through the Plaza del Socorro and its surroundings, which is one of the busiest and most suitable places to have a snack and make a stop on the way. There are terraces and lots of places to socialize. You can also go down its walls until you find the elevation from which you can see its incredible landscape, as well as find some of its spectacular viewpoints that acts as natural watchtowers, such as the Balcón del Coño or Aldehuela. In addition, Ronda has a spectacular visual horizon: the Serranía, which covers three natural parks. Los Alcornocales – the last stronghold of Selva in Europe-, Grazalema – another surprising space situated at a height of 1500 metres above sea level – and Sierra de las Nieves – where it is located one of the deepest caves in the world-.

Besides the options that Oway offers you now, we also recommend you not to look away from the neighborhood of San Francisco which one of the most peaceful and idiosyncratic places in Ronda where children get mixed and they play in the street with the lifelong shops. Don’t forget to visit other beautiful villages in the province because, besides its amazing services, Ronda is an strategic place to end up visiting Antequera, Mijas, Frigiliana, Nerja or Marbella. You’ll be able to see the white villages that will also delight you.

Enjoy the views through its viewpoints

It stands out the Aldehuela and the Balcon del Coño Viewpoint. We begin with the last one, which is located in La alameda del Tajo. It is probably the best know and most renowned viewpoint. It has a funny name that with no doubt favors its memory. It is called Balcon del Coño because the first thing you say when you look out is something like “how hight is it, “coño”. Year after year of visitors, the recurrence has reached the point of baptizing this wonderful natural settlement as El Balcon del Coño. It has precisely the shape of a balcony and it rises above the nothingness. It is an architectural introduction to emptiness, an aside where you can contemplate the immensity of the mountains and take incredibly good pictures. Be careful with getting too excited so that you don’t drop your devices because you’ll be hanging directly from the wall. One of the most impressive views you’ll enjoy.
On the contrary, Aldehuela’s is not that spectacular as taking a picture of yourself suspended in the air but it also has its charm and it impress. From a more comfortable position, you can appreciate the entire Ronda mountain range.

The Gardens of Cuenca in Ronda

In the cornice of the Tajo de Ronda there are different terraces that represent the gardens called Cuenca because it is a city that is linked with Ronda. They also defy gravity and once again provide incredible views over the canyon that presides the River Guadalevin. It is possible to visit and walk around them quietly, watching the different types of flowers, plants and smelling the amount of scents. It is a place that exudes peace and elegance and has a completely free access.

Contemplate the walls from the Arab quarter

The Arab area of Ronda is just beautiful, worthy of seeing and contemplating. It is not only beautiful for its walls, but also for its Islamic gates and other remains of a fascinating civilization from many points of view. The walls surround the city and are everywhere. Ronda is like a perfect fortification with a charming and elegant essence that is located on the heights and surrounded in a stony and ancient way. It stands out the Almocabar gate which is located in the south of Ronda. It is recommended to make a route bordering these walls that delimited the Muslim Medina and also end up climbing them to have a panoramic view of Ronda.

The magic of a city that is illuminated at night

If it already impresses in the daylight, imagine yourselves at night. Seeing the New Bridge and the most emblematic places illuminated is a pure joy. In particular, from the mills of the Tagus, which was built in the 13 th century and they are of Arabic style. This is from the foot of the gorge. Every night the bridge is illuminated to give a sensational image to a charming village.

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