Where to buy in Seville?

Sevilla has many special faces. Gastronomic, cultural, historical, artistic and magical, as well as commercial and handcrafted, where everyone can find what they are looking for. After all, we are not going to fool ourselves, purchases end up being an important part of our journey. We always end up assigning some time of our stay to make a present or to have a pleasant memory in the form of a souvenir. And it is also a moment that we enjoy: we go around, we look, we compare and finally we take with us interesting things to decorate, preserve and give away.

And that's why we recommend you 5 special places where it would be very interesting to drop in and also let you glimpse the most genuine Seville. Discover the city by shopping where the locals do it, from handcrafted products to more innovative ones. Have a good shopping!

Sevilla Souvenirs, variety and good price

In San Fernando street, there is a typical place for souvenirs where you can take a walk while observing and weighing the different products: T-shirts, fans, caps, cups, postcards, magnets, key rings, small sculptures, all kinds of figures, etc.

Sierpes Street

It is one of the most emblematic streets of Seville, which begins in La Campana street and ends in Plaza de San Francisco. It is totally pedestrianized. We can consider it the commercial heart of the city, with a wide range of traditional shops such as La Campana candy shop, el Cronómetro watch shop, and the Maquedano hat shop, all of them centenary. In addition to shopping, you can enjoy the walk contemplating buildings such as La Catalana, a remarkable architecture.

Tetuán Street

It is a pedestrian street where you can enjoy a pleasant walk with all the colors of Seville. It also has a very exclusive commercial offer of leading brands. Buying in Tetuán street is a luxury. If you feel like stopping by, take the opportunity to have a look at the impressive architecture of the building Casa Ocaña-Carrascosa, at number 1, and the house for Francisco Gil Fernández, at number 25. Good shopping!

Sabor a España, the sweets you can't miss

Brand of traditional products specialized in nougat, caramel-coated and derivatives of dried fruits and nuts. They also have other varieties of sweets and artisan snacks. Tradition, quality, sweetness everywhere and simplicity. Once you go, bear in mind that it is going to be almost impossible for you to leave with empty hands because the offer, the repertoire and the variety are like to sweeten any stay in the city without offering any resistance.

Bolas, the ice-cream reinvention

Very good and natural homemade ice cream. In addition, they are innovating with flavors such as cardamom or ginger, which join the more traditional chocolate, raspberry, cream or mango. It is one of the best ice cream parlors in Spain. And they have achieved it from the utmost simplicity: they wanted to recover the ice cream of all life, the one we took in our infancy, without arabesques or sweeteners. And as a curiosity, when you go to the ice cream shop, located in Cuesta del Rosario, you don't find the typical window with all the different ice creams because, according to the owner, this damages the state of conservation. And as we say, the only thing that matters to them is the quality and authenticity of the ice creams.

Thursday's Historical Market, antiques and various objects

As its name suggests, it is held on Thursdays in Feria Street. It is the oldest and most iconic open-air market in Seville, where you can buy authentic relics and antiques, as well as a variety of second-hand objects (coins, clocks, cameras, books, furniture, albums, posters, vinyl, clothing…). A very curious and charming market. In addition, the area is full of bars and wine cellars for tapas and wine in the middle of the tour. Bustling, with great atmosphere and color.

Inciensos A. Fianders, the art of selling smoke

In Plaza del Pan, appears this shop that provides, sells and advises on all types of incenses and infusions. It is closely related and linked to Holy Week as it is an essential element of the brotherhood liturgy. This family, with a long tradition, works and pampers the resin that ends up scenting houses, shops, public spaces and religious celebrations. They have different shops spread around Seville, and a lot of experience because their father, Adolfo Fiances, began to set up this well-known incense stall in the 1980s.

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