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Pablo Picasso Bithplace Museum

History of Pablo Picasso Bithplace Museum

The Picasso Foundation was created in honor of the great artist Pablo Picasso on February 26, 1988, thanks to the work of the City Council of Malaga.

The headquarters of the foundation is the artist’s birth house, where he lived his childhood and part of his adolescence. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument of National Interest on March 25, 1983. 

This place houses many of the artist’s works and some of his personal and family objects. It has a library where temporary exhibitions and cultural activities are held. 

The first major addition was made in 1989, bringing together in the museum the important folder of engravings “Dream and lie of Franco”, as well as some important books illustrated by Picasso that were donated by his family.  

Today you can find more than 50 books illustrated by the artist, as well as other works by Miró, Chagall or Marx Ernst. It also houses some notebooks of preparatory drawings for the work “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” with which he marked the beginning of his “African Period” or “Protocubism” with which the famous artistic movement called Cubism began, where Picasso himself is its greatest exponent. 

This very special museum has 283 lithographs that were made during 30 years approximately, between 1930 and 1960. It has 34 ceramic pieces of great value created between 1940 and 1946. In addition, you will not only find works by Picasso, but also 4,000 pieces by different artists. 

In 2005 and due to the importance that this museum has been taking over the years, a separate exhibition hall was created at number 13 of the Plaza de la Merced. 

If you wish to visit the city you can always contact us for a free tour or a guided visit.

Museo Casa Natal de Picasso Málaga

Opening Hours of Pablo Picasso Bithplace Museum

The opening hours to visit this museum are quite wide and flexible so you can enjoy the best works of art and so you can be surprised at every step you take through this historic house. 

Including weekends they keep the same schedule so that tourists traveling on weekends can enjoy it as much as any other resident of the city of Malaga.

Visiting hours are from Monday to Sunday, from 9 am to 8 pm. For lovers of art and history we recommend you to visit it with time so you can enjoy each work that the museum enjoys, as well as the collections in a leisurely manner and with time. 

Be aware that this museum has a specific time called “last pass” which takes place at 19:45 pm.

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Prices to visit Pablo Picasso Bithplace Museum

The city council of the city of Malaga has tried to adapt all the prices as far as possible so that they can be affordable for all the people who have the desire to visit the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. 

Below, we will provide you with a list of the prices and tickets that you can purchase so that when you decide to visit it, you can do so with all the information possible. 

You should know that the prices we suggest here also include some temporary exhibitions, which are very interesting and highly acclaimed by visitors. 


  • Pablo Picasso Bithplace Museum  (Plaza de la Merced,15): 3,00 €.
  • Temporary exhibition (Exhibition hall in Plaza de la Merced,13): 3,00 €.
  • Combined ticket: Birthplace Museum and temporary exhibition: 4,00 €.



  • Birthplace Museum (Plaza de la Merced,15): 2,00 €.
  • Temporary exhibition (Exhibition hall in Plaza de la Merced,13): 2,00 € 2,00
  • Combined ticket: Birthplace Museum and temporary exhibition: 2,50 €.
Museo Casa Natal de Picasso Málaga

Its Parts

If you wish to visit and do it in an orderly manner, you are in the right place to get information as we will give you a list of the rooms that you should visit to enjoy it to the fullest, either alone or accompanied, as you wish. 

  • Room 1. XIX Century: This room is one of the best that you will find since in its time it was destined to receive visitors at the end of the XIX century. It was one of the rooms that was better decorated and had larger dimensions than the rest. Here you can see a recreation of the main hall of the house of the Ruíz Picasso family.  
  • Room 2. Picasso’s parents: In this room you will be able to appreciate something very intimate such as the personal memories of José Ruíz Blasco and María Picasso López, the parents of the famous artist. This room shows the personal memories of José Ruiz Blasco and María Picasso López, Picasso’s parents.
  • Room 3. Picasso’s family: Here you can see in the foreground the link that Pablo Picasso had with his origins, with his famous land, family and childhood.
  • Picasso’s Malaga: In this room you will see an exhibition of photographs, postcards and elements of daily life in Malaga in the 19th century. 
  • Room 5. Picasso of Malaga: In his artistic works and life you will be able to feel the Malaga origin of the artist.  
  • Exhibition Hall: This is the famous room where the exhibitions are displayed. It is located on the first floor of the museum and offers some temporary exhibitions.
Museo Casa Natal de Picasso Málaga

How to Get to the Museum

If you want to visit this museum, you should know that it is located specifically in the Plaza de la Merced, 15 – 29012 Malaga. 

To get to the museum there are several ways, but we recommend you: 

  • By car, you can get there in an easy way and you will not get lost. 
  • By bus. Fortunately, Malaga has a wide network of communications and buses are quite varied. So you can get there without any problem. 
  • By bicycle. This means of transport is the one we recommend the most for two reasons. You will arrive in a quite comfortable way and without any loss. In addition, it is very convenient to park. The second reason is that it is a very good method to take care of the environment. 


If you want to visit it in summer you must be careful when sightseeing with the heat that this city gives you, so you should wear comfortable clothes. 

If you want more information about the museum, schedules, visits or how to get there you can contact the museum by: 

  • Telephone number: 951 92 60 60
  • E-mail: museocasanatalpicasso@malaga.eu

Curiosities about The Museum

Declared a Historic-Artistic Monument of National Interest on March 25, 1983.

Each of the rooms is completely dedicated to the life and death of Pablo Picasso. 

The fragility and difficulty of preservation of most of these works on paper and the reduced space of a 19th century tenement house have resulted in a very special and interesting museum style.

A large collection of works that is used as interpretation material of his entire career as they treasure works made between 1904 to 1971, being the second most complete collection of Picasso in the world.

In the museum there is a large oil painting by Picasso’s father on pigeons that would later make his son so famous.

It is worth mentioning that there is a Spanish cape, a replica of the one given to him by the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín in 1956. The original will never be exhibited because he liked this garment so much that the family decided to bury him with it.

The establishment hosts temporary exhibitions, film cycles, workshops and congresses.

Museo Casa Natal de Picasso Málaga