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The Best Guided Tours in Cadiz

Enjoy Cadiz with visits specially designed to reveal its most representative spaces. Let our team guide you, whether you want to feel like a movie star at San Sebastián Castle or get lost in the history of the Roman theater. Available in Spanish and English, our guides will make sure you get to know all the details that make up this wonderful town.

To book our services you can contact us by phone or via web. We also have guides for Cadiz and other Andalusian destinations. Through us you will not have to wait in endless queues to get tickets to the most recognized monuments of Cadiz.

With Oway Tours you can enjoy the best tourism in Cadiz

Through our visits you will not only know its history but also live its streets. They are designed so that you can discover all the beautiful places that make Cadiz an emblematic city. You will also learn its history pleasantly while you taste the most traditional Cadiz gastronomy. Leave behind the old and heavy travel books and contact us to get accurate and quality information. Book our services now and let yourself be seduced by Cadiz. 

Find out all the secrets of the Falla’s Big Theatre, where the popular Cádiz carnival resides, or the imposing Tavira’s Tower with its camera obscura. Visit all the main tourist attractions of the city from the centenary cathedral to the millenary theatre. Everything from the hand of experts in the field.

They will make sure to solve any doubts you may have. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the past of the monuments or about establishments where you can have a snack. In fact, by contracting with us you will get a tourist map to locate everything. With it, you will have information about places to eat and routes you can take. Say goodbye to the odious queues by hiring the best guided tours of Cadiz.

The Best Tourist Guides to Visit Cadiz 

Turn your trip to Cádiz into an unforgettable memory with the help of the best professionals. Our team is not only made up of competent personnel but also of people who are passionate about Cadiz. Furthermore, by hiring our services you can be sure of getting tickets to the most famous monuments of the city without having to queue.

The mysteries of the most iconic heritage sites will be revealed to you by knowledgeable guides. Take a walk along La Caleta beach guarded by the castles of San Sebastián and Santa Catalina, with the help of professionals from the sector. Contemplate the religious fervour that emanates from the cathedral and the oratory of San Felipe while they explain their past.

If you want to be sure of the quality of our guides just check the comments of Google or TripAdvisor. You don’t have to take our word for it. Our experience backs us up.

Cadiz Tourist Map

Any self-respecting traveler should carry a map. Although in recent times it is common to replace it with Google Maps. It must be remembered that the tourist map is designed to suit the needs of visitors. There are four tourist offices in Cádiz. Two of them in the city, the Tourist Reception Centre on Canalejas’ promenade, just opposite the town hall, and the Tourist Office on José León de Carranza’s Avenue, outside the city walls.

The other two are located in the most visited shorelines of the town, La Caleta beach and Victoria beach, which only open in summer. If you book our services you will also be able to have a tourist map that will indicate the places of interest, such as monuments, museums or restaurants. Additionally, it will show you routes that you can realize, not only of Cadiz but also in other Andalusian municipalities.

Tourist Map of Cadiz
Tourist map of Cádiz provided by Oway Tours

The Best Tourist Places to Visit in Cadiz 

We know that when you travel you get informed in advance through acquaintances or the Internet. Don’t worry, at OWAY Tours we make sure that you don’t miss any of the most important places when visiting Cádiz.

There are many worthwhile monuments in the capital of Cádiz. Unfortunately we don’t always have time for all of them. That’s why here we’re going to point out the most renowned ones in the city. First there is the Cathedral, it started as baroque but little by little it changed to neoclassicism and now it is a mixture of both. If Cadiz is known for anything, it is for its carnival, which is held in the red neo-mudejar building of the Falla’s Big Theatre. Although if something has marked the city historically it has been the sea. The remains of its importance still echo in its streets.

That is why there is a need for such high watchtowers as Tavira’s or defensive constructions at the foot of the beach such as the San Sebastián Castle. Close to the religious temple is the Roman theatre which, due to its millenary past, has become an essential place.

Not everything fits on a list, such as the Baroque style Oratory of San Felipe Neri, with works by Murillo, or the monument to the courts of Cadiz. So the best thing to do is to pack your bags and visit Cadiz accompanied by experts who love the city.