Tours in Córdoba


The best guided tours in Córdoba 

Enjoy the most emblematic tourist places in Córdoba with the best guide. Know the main monuments in the city of the three cultures; the only destination in the world that has four declarations of World Heritage: Historical Center, Mosque-Cathedral, Patios cordobeses (Córdoba courtyards) and Medina Azahara.

Don’t miss any detail of this fantastic city with our tours of Córdoba that you can have in both languages: Spanish and English every day of the year. You can book the guided tours in Córdoba city or in the main destinations of Andalusia through our website or by phone. Don’t wait of long queues and get tickets to the main tourist attractions by booking our guided tours.  

With OWAY Tours you can enjoy the best tourism in Córdoba 

Let you go with our guided tours and live an especial experience with the best tour guides in Córdoba. We will visit the main monuments and tourist places of the city, you will discover the history as no one has ever told you, and you will know the dishes and typical places of the Cordovan gastronomy. Don’t hesitate, go ahead and book the main guided tours of Córdoba with OWAY Tours, forget about the travel guides to visit Córdoba, and let you be guided by passionate and expert guides in the history of their city.

Discover the tourist places like the Mosque-Cathedral, the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos (Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs), Medina Azahara and the Patios (courtyards). Hire a guide to visit these monuments and forget about waiting in long queues, so you can visit as much as possible this city.

Moreover, if you ask for it, the guide will give you a tourist map of Córdoba to locate you and know in detail the main streets and neighbourhoods of the city. On this map you will find the most important monuments in the city and the main excursions in Córdoba.

The tourist guide will also show you the best areas and places to eat. Do not hesitate and book the best guided tours in Córdoba city with OWAY Tours.

The Best Tourist Guides to Visit Cordoba

Take advantage of the benefits of a guide for visit Córdoba by booking the guided tours with OWAY Tours. Forget you about waiting in long queues to buy tickets for monuments and let you be guided by a local tour guide who is passionate about the history and heritage of Córdoba. You will see the most emblematic sights of the city, all its historical details, legends and surprising curiosities that will make you live a unique experience. 

Allow you to be guided by the best tourist guides and visit the wholecity of the three cultures. Discover the Mosque-Cathedral, the Alcazar of Córdoba, the Cordovan Patios, Medina Azahara and many other places of interest such as the Viana Palace, Julio Romero Museum and historical squares like the Corredera.

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Tourist Map of Cordoba

Most travellers who arrive at a new destination usually carry a tourist map which they usually have through internet or at tourist information points. In Córdoba, you can get a free tourist map at the information point located in Plaza Tendillas and in the visitor center located in the Plaza del Triunfo.

Another way to get a map with the tourist places to visit Córdoba city is by booking a guided tour. In this case the tourist guide will be able to give you a tourist map of Córdoba where the monuments and museums of the city will be indicated; also are usually included excursions in Córdoba and in the main destinations of Andalusia. Whatever you can’t forget your tourist map to guide you in the best way around the city and enjoy the most your visit in Córdoba

Cordoba toursit map
Tourist map of Córdoba provided by Oway Tours

The best tourist places to visit in Córdoba

Before travelling, we always consult in internet or ask our friends and family about the most important tourist sites in a destination. Although the most comfortable and safely way is to consult a company that offers guided tours in Córdoba. By this way you can book a guide or excursions to visit the main monuments of the city.

In order of priority, the most important tourist places to visit in Cordoba are:

  1. Mosque-Cathedral
  2. Medina Azahara
  3. Patios cordobeses
  4. Alcázar

The first three attractions are classified as World Heritage. A luxury for any traveller and that is within reach of very few cities worldwide. In addition, the area of the historic centre of Córdoba, which is one of the largest areas in Europe, also has this special protection.

In this area you will also find a multitude of historical squares such as: Tendillas, La Corredera, Plaza del Potro; and museums as important as: Julio Romero de Torres, Fine Arts Museum and the Archaeological Museum. Enjoy the beauty of Córdoba with the best guided tours and let yourself be guided by expert tour guides who are passionate about their city.