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The Free Tour of Cordoba

The Free Tour of Cordoba lasts 2 hours and thanks to this route you will learn about the origins of this wonderful city, which civilisations inhabited it and with which of them Cordoba reached its greatest cultural splendour.

Cordoba Free Tour itinerary

The Free tour of Cordoba starts at the main door of the Town Hall, from where we will discover one of the main churches of Ferdinand after the reconquest, the Church of San Pablo. From this point we will continue our visit to the Roman Temple, which stands out for having been part of the Provincial Forum, next to which the Roman circus was located.

We will follow one of our guided tours in Cordoba to the Plaza Tendillas, where the Cordobeses congregate to celebrate the most important events of the city. We will move through history until we reach the Muslim legacy, making our first stop at the colourful Calleja de las Flores, famous for its route of pots of geraniums.

During the Free Tour of Cordoba we will also talk about our most important monumental building: the Mosque-Cathedral. In this place, the words of our guides will make you travel back in time through the stages that make this building a World Heritage Site. Next, we will approach the University of Philosophy and Letters of the city or formerly known as the Hospital del Cardenal Salazar, an imposing baroque building dating from the 18th century.

We will delve into the labyrinthine Jewish Quarter. Here we will be transported back in time to Maimonides Square, where the culture of Jewish civilisation is embodied. In this same space, our route continues to Tiberias Square, where a statue was erected in honour of the sage Maimonides. Finally, we will finish our walk through the neighbourhood in the Calleja del Salmorejo Cordobés, where you will discover the history of the traditional Cordoban gastronomy.

We will continue to learn about the history of the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, the place where our most famous explorer, Christopher Columbus, requested the necessary resources from the Catholic Monarchs to embark on the discovery of America. Moreover, the Catholic Monarchs settled in this fortress during the last stage of the Spanish reconquest, and from here they directed the campaign against the Kingdom of Granada.

To finish this complete Free Tour of Cordoba, we will finish in front of the Puerta del Puente, which is located next to the Triumph of San Rafael, the custodian of the city of Cordoba.

Free Tour Cordoba: schedule of guided tours

This Free Tour of Cordoba has different timetables that will allow you to enjoy your experience in Cordoba. If you visit us during the months of June to October, the tours will be at 10.30 am in Spanish and English, and at 8.00 pm in Spanish. In the months of November to May, the 10.30 am tour will be in Spanish and English, but during the afternoon we will meet at 5.00 pm in Spanish.

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Private Tour

If you prefer a tailor-made tour or if you are a large group, it is also possible to book a Private Tour.


Discover the price of our free tours around Cordoba

The Free Tour of Cordoba is free, so there is no set price. We prefer that you determine the price of the tour once it is finished, depending on the guide’s effort and your satisfaction at the end of the route.


What does the free tour of Cordoba include?

This is what our free tour of Cordoba includes:

Visita guiada

Official Tourist Guide


A tour of the most emblematic places in Monumental Cordoba


It does not include the interior of monuments.

Meeting point and how to get there

Where is the meeting point

he tour will start at the main door of the Town Hall, Calle Capitulares 1. You will be able to identify us by our blue OWAY Tours umbrella.

How to get there

From the train or bus station

  • Bus number 3 in the direction of “Fuensanta” to the stop called “San Fernando”.

By car:

  • Parking downtown area: Paseo de la Victoria s/n”. Parking downtown area: C / Sevilla, 5.

What happens if I have to cancel the free tour of Cordoba?

If you are unable to attend, please contact us so that other participants can make the visit.

More information

How long does our free tour in Cordoba last?

Our Free Tour of Cordoba lasts 2 hours on foot. Throughout this tour our guides will show you the origins of this great city, which civilizations inhabited it and which of them left their mark on the history of this incredible place. They will also give you useful tips to enjoy Cordoba as you have never done before.

How to book the Free Tour Cordoba?

Booking the Free Tour Cordoba on our website is as easy as clicking on the Book button on our website. Select Free Tour Cordoba and click on it, immediately you will see a description of the tour and a calendar, where you can see all the available days in real time to book your place. 

Once you have selected the day, select the time, the language and the number of people attending. All you have to do is fill in your details and that’s it, you’re ready to book your place. You can also contact us by phone at the customer service number: +34 688 376 581. 

*Please note that for groups of more than 6 people, a private group booking must be made in order to enjoy the Free Tour.

Is there a minimum number of people required for the Free Tour of Cordoba?

Normally, our free tour of Cordoba usually departs every day, but a minimum of 4 people is required to start the tour. However, for group bookings of more than 6 people, a private group request must be made. You can request more information by email at grupos@owaytours.com or by calling +34 688 376 581.

In which language do we do our free tour of Cordoba?

Our Free Tour of Cordoba is conducted in both Spanish and English with the best official tour guides. The tour is available in Spanish and English at 10.30 am every day of the year. In the evenings it is in Spanish only, during the summer months, from June to September it takes place at 8pm and the rest of the year at 5pm.

So, what is the best time to do the free tour of Cordoba?

Cordoba is one of those cities that can be visited at any time of the year, although this will also depend on the plans you want to carry out and the time you want to live in the city. We run our free tour of Cordoba all year round, so you can visit the city with us at any time of the year.

Depending on the months of the year you decide to visit the city, this is what you will find: 

  • Spring: This is one of the most popular times to visit the city. Temperatures will be mild and pleasant, avoiding the great heat that occurs in summer. During the spring months is when the Cordoba fair is held, which is another reason to visit the city. 
  • Autumn and winter: During these two seasons there are also many tourists who visit the city. During the autumn the temperatures drop compared to the summer, being also the time of harvest of many fruits and olives, so you will be able to taste fresh products. In the case of winter, temperatures are cooler, but the climate is mild compared to other regions. 
  • Summer: This is the hottest time of the year in the city, so we adapt the timetables so that you can enjoy the splendour of the city. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful times to visit Cordoba. 


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Free Tour Cordoba

If you are unable to attend, please contact us so that other participants can make the visit.

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